Who am I? Part 1

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today, as my goal is to put a post out every weekday.  I honestly couldn’t think of anything of value to write, so I decided to pass for the day.  Then, as I was reading a forum I frequent, a topic hit me.  As a WOW player, who am I and how did I get here?  This is part 1 in a 2 part series.

In the beginning, there was Tony

I am a 29 year old guy from southeast Ohio.  I have a wife and a 12 week old baby boy.  I work in the Marketing department of a local community bank.  I am a Christian and love God with all my heart.  I love sports, 90’s alternative rock and playing games.  Now that the boring RL stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about gaming.

Then there was UO.

In 1998 I started playing Ultima Online.  When I started playing I had aspirations of becoming a powerful leader that could change the game world.  I started off with the game’s Blacksmith (I think it started me with Blacksmithing, Mining & Mace Fighting) template and left the starting town of Vesper to begin my adventures.  I thought I got PK’d (player killed) immediately, but looking back I think they were probably npc murderers.  So I quit.

A few months later, out of boredom, I started back into UO.  This time I started with the game’s Ranger (Archery, Tactics & Healing) template.  I left the town of Yew this time to begin my adventures anew.  This time, I really was PK’d.  I probably would have quit again, but this time I was just mad.  I went online to see if there were any groups of people who fought back against these jerks.  There were.  I soon joined the Skara Brae Rangers and began my career as a Player Killer Killer.

If you’ve never played it, there’s something you have to understand about UO in this period.  It was a full pvp game.  If you left the watchful eye of the town guards, you could and would be attacked.  If you were killed you could and would be looted of all your possessions you were carrying.

Players could flag three types of colors, blue, gray and red.  Blues were considered innocents, grays were criminals and reds were murderers.  “Turning gray”, made you attackable by anyone without consequence when you committed a criminal act.  Attacking a “blue”, stealing, and attacking an npc were all considered criminal acts.  The long term consequence of PKing was turing “red”.  Reds were people who had killed 5 blues within a certain time period and were freely attackable by everyone.

The Skara Brae Rangers hunted Reds.  They had a methodology though.  They didn’t just get completely skilled and geared out and go after them, oh no.  They used less than desirable gear and a minimum amount of reagents so killing rangers wasn’t really profitable for the reds.  Oh sure, they did it, but more out of spite and anger than any actual desire for profit.  I’m not going to say we won the war against the PKs, but we were a thorn in their side.

Role Playing, it’s not just for cybering.

Eventually, I stumbled into an RP event and thought it was kind of interesting.  I went from protector of the innocent to vampire lord in a single day.  The time I spent role playing in UO was actually very fun.  Even though I don’t RP anymore, it did open up a desire for me to have fleshed out characters.  Even more importantly, it introduced me to Markus.

Markus was just another rper as far as I knew.  He did, however, teach me to pvp.  Sure I pvp’d before when I was with the rangers, but that was a zerg mentality.  Get numbers with crappy gear and hope you can overwhelm the bad guy.  Markus taught me to use skill to take people down.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, Markus was a member of one of the best pvp/pk guilds on the shard.

I can haz pvp?

Eventually the RP community on the Lake Superior UO shard fizzled out.  I decided to go full-bore into pvp.  I started my own pvp guild, but it never really got off its feet.  I finally joined the Fallen Angels.  The experience I gained with Markus got me into this “elite” pvp guild where I thrived.  We participated in Order/Chaos wars (pick a side and everyone from the other side can attack you), faction wars (same thing with a different feel), pking and just flat out declaring war on other guilds.  We were the top pvp guild on the shard for a long time.

Eventually, as with all good things, this came to an end.  I can’t really remember what happened, I think a few core members left the game, but I didn’t.  So the guild fizzled.  At this point I solo’d on the shard for a while, but I eventually was asked to start on another shard by an old RP friend, so I did.

Return of the RP

When I moved to Catskills Randall & Kered De’Lartez were born.  I joined a guild called the Tiers of Triumph.  We were members of an RPing community in which all the guilds would declare war on each other so they could fight and have conflict without getting murder counts.  This is the point where I finally got high-speed internet and really started to shine as a pvper.  There were few on the shard who could beat me 1 on 1.  I won tournaments, got involved in large-scale guild wars and even got back into the pk/anti-pk battles.  (on the side of the anti-pks)

Around this time, gear started to become a factor in UO.  Prior to this, skill had been the primary factor in pvp.  Now gear was the primary factor and I hated it.  In WOW gear is a big deal, but it’s been that way from the beginning.  UO changed to that.  It was not a good sign for me, a player who didn’t want to farm for random drops or the gold to buy them.  Not only did you need to farm one dude with 50 other people (non-instanced) to hope he dropped something, but you also had to farm “champion spawns” in hopes that they’d drop scrolls to increase your skill cap.  So, after 8 years, I quit playing UO in 2006.

Next post, how I’ve WOW’d.


One Response to “Who am I? Part 1”

  1. It cracks me up how you guys have your toons named after old UO ones. I guess you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, right?

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