Why Death Knights are Heroic

Part 2 of Who Am I will be postponed until tomorrow, as this post came into my head last night and must be let out.

I was listening to an archived recording of the WoW Radio podcast Casually Hardcore when they started talking about how the Death Knight class is no longer a “Heroic” class.  In their opinion, a Heroic class should be more powerful than the rest of the classes.  I can’t say that I know Blizzards intent from the beginning, but I imagine this was not it.

According to the Casually Hardcore crew, DKs started out as a Heroic class because they were overpowered, but now that they are pretty well balanced, they are no longer heroic.  I disagree.  I think the Death Knight is still a Heroic class and I will tell you why.

  • Their starting area is Heroic. Death Knights currently have the only class specific starting area, and it is a doozy.  It is phased and has an excellent storyline and epic quests.
  • Free Epic Mounts are Heroic. This is losing some of it’s validity, but at the time when Epic mounts could only be obtained at 60 and were still fairly expensive, Death Knights got theirs at 55 and were free.
  • Awesome gear being handed to you virtually free is Heroic. As you progress through the DK starting area you get an entire set of blue gear just for working through the zone.  No other class gets such a deluged with high quality gear in this manner.
  • Starting the game with so much money is Heroic. I can’t remember the exact amount, but DKs start with gold, not silver.  That’s pretty handy.  Plus as they progress through that amazing starter zone they get gold thrown at them at every opportunity.
  • Not having to learn Old World flight paths is Heroic. I actually didn’t know this was the case until my DK clicked on his first Gryphon Master.  He knew ALL of the Flight Paths.  No traveling on foot for him.
  • Not being constrained by talent tree is Heroic. Death Knights can perform two tasks, tank and dps.  Warriors, which are in my opinion the DKs closest relative, can perform the same two tasks.  Warriors have three talent trees.  Death Knights have three talent trees.  Warriors have 3 BASIC (yes I know there are variations) specs. Primarily Arms, primarily Fury and primarily Prot.  Death Knights have 6 basic specs.  Primarily Unholy Tank, primarily Unholy DPS, primarily Frost Tank, primarily Frost DPS, primarily Blood tank & primarily Blood DPS.  Not being told by the game that you have to be this spec in order to perform this task is, in my opinion, very Heroic.
  • Starting at level 55 is Heroic. ‘Nuff said.

So what do you think?  Have I convinced you that Death Knights are still a Heroic Class?  Do you think that in order to be called “Heroic” a class needs to be OP?  I believe that the OP nature of DKs at the beginning of Wrath was a concequence of DKs being new, not a desire to make them Heroic.

Some say Blizzard will abandon the Heroic Class idea because they realize they can’t make Heroic Classes.  I agree if Blizzard thinks a Heroic Class has to be OP.  However, I think a special starting zone, great gear, lack of spec restriction and all of the other perks I mentioned is plenty of incentive to play the “Heroic” class.


2 Responses to “Why Death Knights are Heroic”

  1. *Quote*
    Their starting area is Heroic.
    Free Epic Mounts are Heroic.
    Awesome gear being handed to you virtually free is Heroic.
    Starting the game with so much money is Heroic.
    Not having to learn Old World flight paths is Heroic.

    These “features” surrounding the DK don’t make the >Class< heroic now do they. Warlocks and Paladins got free mounts in their time…the new area is fun because it is made with Phasing that makes it epic not the class. The gear is nice but also kinda needed as you do start at level 55. and the money I agree that I didn't have the feeling I needed to scrape the last silverling out of the bottom of the can but I didn't feel Rich either.

    Not being constrained by talent tree is Heroic.
    Starting at level 55 is Heroic.

    These two I can see as being part of an epic class. Still not being constrained with talent tree's has become a bit redundant with dual speccing… and face it DK's can't just switch Presence and take over tanking in DPS gear… THAT would be heroic!

    So starting at lvl 55 I can't refute this..it is epic…I feel it's the only thing left that actually makes a death knight EPIC. I agree that OP should not be the goal of an EPIC character but maybe a mechanic as tanking in DPS gear or something like it(Yes I mean dealing damage and tank at the same time!). EPICness in mechanics rather then the ability to auto-oneshot you.

    Moonglade EU

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