Random Thoughts

The Tankard O’ Terror

Do I really want my Human Death Knight dual wielding a couple of beer steins?


Will he if I can get them?


I get that Blizzard loves their holidays.  I love the holidays.  They are a lot of fun and actually give people something to do other than dailies.  Having said that, who thought it would be fun to have people running around fighting with mugs?

Kered is a powerful war veteran who became a Death Knight and developed an attitude problem.  What part of that screams “Mugs of Death!”?  It’s one thing to put these items in the game.  It’s quite another to make them the best possible item for Mace Dual Wielders outside of raids.  This item is just too powerful for how easy Coren Direbrew is.  End of story. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go farm Direbrew to get my hands on two Tankards O’ Terror.

Okay I’m back…moving on.

Luck and not paying attention

Last night was my first night going after ol’ Direbrew.  I went on Randul in hopes of landing one of those 170 Stamina trinkets.  Yes, you easily farm a trinket that gives a whopping 170 Stamina.  For those keeping track, Essence of Gossamer gives 111 Stamina and you only have 20% chance of it dropping off a boss that’s quite a bit harder than Direbrew…once a day.  Sure, the Essence has a proc, but there’s no doubt in my mind these Direbrew trinkets are WAY better.

Anyway, I went in and one dropped.  The other tank in my guild won the roll.  No big thing, more will drop.  So we use all of our summons and I go to get Kered for round 2.  Guess what drops?  Well, now Kered has a pretty nice Trinket to replace his parry trinket from the DK starter area.  We keep fighting, it drops again…..and again.  Finally, I was fed up enough to go get Randul for what seemed like round 5 or 6 of Direbrew summon-fests and guess what dropped!  The Stam Trinket.  Luck was, for once, with me.

Speaking of not paying attention (it’s in the header), when I was on with Randul, the aformentioned Tankard O’ Terror dropped.  No one in the party needed it, so we just greed rolled.  I thought to myself, “Self…that’d be awesome for Kered.”, but never went any further with the thought than that.  What did I log on this morning to see?  Tankard O’ Terror is Bind on Equip!  ARG!  I’m hoping the Paladin that won it hasn’t sold it/equipped it yet.

Is X Spec Viable?

Okay, so one thing I see time after time on the forums is this question.  Is my spec viable?  For instance, “Is Combat Maces viable?”  What does that even mean?  Is your job to DPS?  Do you do damage to the boss with that spec?  I guess that means it’s viable.

I’m not a min-maxxer.  I care about doing my job.  I’ll gear to the best of my ability and look up the proper rotations, but if I find I like a certain spec better than the “top dps spec” I’ll use the one I like.

How many people who are asking this question do you really think are in hardcore progression server first raiding guilds?  If they were in those guilds, do you really think they’d be asking on a random forum if a spec is viable?  No!  Unless you are in that situation, do what makes you happy!

If you are in a situation where you get benched because your dps sucks, start talking about viability.  If your guild keeps hitting enrage timers on bosses, sure you can start thinking about switching.  Otherwise, do what makes you happy.  You don’t HAVE to be the cookie cutter spec.  You CAN, in fact, be a unique snowflake.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check Rawr! to see if I can eek out .02 more dps on my DK.


One Response to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Krisnatharok Says:

    Face it, only female dwarf DKs should be wielding a couple “Jugs ‘o Death.”

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