That’s Onyxia? Really?

So, I log in last night at about 8:00 p.m. and immediately hear the someone has invited you to a group noise.  Of course, my screen hadn’t loaded yet, so they were wasting their time.  However, when I finally log in completely I say in guild, “Who invited me to a group?”.  Immediately I’m invited again.  Apparently we are raiding Onyxia.

Just to put the information out there, I never raided Onyxia when she was relevent.  The first level appropriate raid I ever did was Naxxramas, at 80.  During TBC I always felt like I would be a great raider, but it just never panned out.

So here I am, going after THE Onyxia.  I’d heard a lot about her, I’d seen the video, which I won’t like here because it’s NSFW.  If you really want to see it look up Onyxia Wipe Animation on youtube.  You’ll find it.  Anyway, I was a little nervous.  Sure, I’d killed her before, but I was 80 with 5 of my bestest buddies.  Not quite a fair fight.

You know what I learned last night?  Blizzard is dropping the ball.  I’m sorry, but no.  N.O.  Noooooooo.  This fight gives iLevel 232 stuff.  That’s on par with 10-man ToC, and Onyxia is EASY.  Seriously, if she were any easier I’d expect her to start running around that tavern in Shattrath with a little dog in her purse.

Here’s the fight:

Phase 1 (100% – 65% Health)

  • Main Tank (me) needs to tank her with his/her back to the wall that was behind her when you entered the room.  She does a Wing Buffet that knocks you back.
  • Everyone but the Main Tank needs to not be in front of her…or behind her.  Pretty standard dragon rules of engagement there.  We split our groups into a left side and a right side, but I’m not entirely sure that was necessary at this point.

Phase 2 (65% – 40%)*  This is her “air phase”.  She’ll fly around Deep Breathing & Fireballing while Whelps & Onyxia Lair Guards enter the battle.  We had two groups of Welps & 2 Lair Guards I believe.

* says 40%, but I was thinking more like 35%.

  • A tank who can generate decent aoe aggro is good here.  Everyone should stack up on this guy cause about 40 Whelps, 20 from each Whelp Cave.  We used a Paladin who just dropped concecrate & the whelps happily beat on him.  Once the welps stop spawning, everyone should spread out to avoid chain deep breath deaths.
  • Another tank (me) needs to pick up the single Onyxia Lair Guard that spawns.  One tank could have probably done all of this, but we had 2 tanks so we did it this way.  I tanked him right next to the Whelp pile.  He does a Blastwave ability, so when that starts casting everyone should get away from him.  (the tanks ate it, but everyone else should get away)
  • Ranged DPS should primarily stay on Onyxia.  She doesn’t come down until you get her health to 40%, so having ranged on her is a good thing.
  • Melee DPS should be killing adds.  AOEing the welps and focusing the Guards.  Melee used to be able to attack Onyxia during her air phase, but we were not able to do this.  Could be a bug, could be intended.

Phase 3 (40% – dead)  She’s back and now she’s scary**. This is the burn phase, burn her up following standard dragon fighting protocol and you’ll be receiving her lewtz soon.

**Okay, she’s not scary, but the Main Tank should have fear breakers ready because she does fear.  Berserker Rage for warriors is good. Tremor Totem & Fear Ward are good as well.

Conclusion of Onyxia

She’s is too easy.  It took our group 4 tries I believe.  The first try we probably had 1 or 2 at the most who had ever seen the real Onyxia, so there was some surprise as to how many Whelps were coming out during phase 2.  The other 2 wipes were due to our Whelp tank disconnecting and Whelps running rampant through the raid.

Seriously, if it hadn’t been for laggy bad disconnections we’d have 2-shot her with a group of raiders who hadn’t really seen her before.  (Not to mention one of our raiders turned 80 last week)

Is this okay?  Should a raid of this tier and magnatude be this easy?  I believe she handed out 4 pieces of gear, a large bag, a sack of gems and 3 Emblems of Triumph.  This is more of a loot pinata than VoA!  Emalon and Koralon are most definitely harder than Onyxia.

Rant On

I get that folks want to gear up.  I get that folks don’t want to have to run irrelevent content (Naxx & Obsidian Sanctum) to do their gearing, but we have nearly hit the point of handing out epics for logging in.

Between Emblems of Conquest from Heroics, Emblems of Triumph for the daily, loot pinatas & of course Coren Direbrew, epic saturation is at an all time high.

My wife is a prime example of someone who is getting the short end of the stick in this situation.  She is a raider.  She enjoys raiding with our guild once or twice a week.  However, since we have an infant son, she doesn’t get to do the Heroic Farming that some other people do.

Since she doesn’t run Heroics, but only raids, she’s falling behind the people who don’t even raid!  That’s messed up.  Raiding is supposed to be the pinnacle of teamwork, challenge and loot.  Guess what…it’s not.

I will freely admit that we raid 10-man content and have yet to clear Ulduar or ToC.  If we were a 25-man raiding guild then the loot there would probably be the pinnacle, but something still feels wrong about the fact that someone can get geared better than my wife (who has cleared through Hodir in Ulduar & through Jarraxxus in ToC) without ever stepping into a raid.

The WOW Wishlist

Here is my wishlist for Cataclysm or even 3.3.

  • Make the content upwardly challenging.  The challenge curve of VoA/Obsidian Sanctum to Naxxramas to EoE to Ulduar was great.    VoA & OS were fairly simple.  Naxx was a little harder than they were.  EoE was harder than Naxx and Ulduar was harder than all the rest.  Now we are taking steps back in ToC & ESPECIALLY Onyxia.  I’m fairly certain my guild will clear ToC before we clear Ulduar.  That’s not right.  Please make each step of content harder than the last!
  • Stop with the gear showers. Emblems of Heroism and then Valor and then Conquest were fine.  Each tier of content gave you a higher tier of emblem with which to buy a higher tier of gear.  You want to give a gear boost halfway through an expansion?  Fine!  Use my suggestion instead of just handing out extremely high level gear for no effort.  Bump the gear purchased with emblems one tier…not three!

Here’s what it boils down to, I’m more proud of my guild for having 10 people online and organizing a raid than I am of them beating Onyxia.  Why?  She just wasn’t challenging.  We were hooting and hollering when we beat the Northrend Beasts.  We were shouting with glee and clapping when we dropped Hodir.  After Onyxia there wasn’t a peep.  I think we were all stunned at how easy she was.

I understand that she’s a gimmick fight for the 5th anniversary.  Does that mean they should sully her name and reputation by having her practically fall over dead as soon as you walk in the room?  I think not.


7 Responses to “That’s Onyxia? Really?”

  1. She was certainly easy and we’re being showered in epics, but I felt the same way in BC that I do now, except the instances are better, the loot is better and the raids are better.

  2. Posted this once dangit.

    Really? Raids are better now?

    As I said in my post, I didn’t raid until Wrath, but the general feeling I seem to get from older raiders is that BC raids were better. It definitely seems like there was more to do from a content standpoint.

  3. ooh, that is irritating. Still can’t wait to get in there though.

    I was really hoping for an OMFG 10 wipes and we still haven’t beat her fight…oh well.

    Sapphiron was like that for my guild. It took us WEEKS to finally beat her/him and when we did, it was a HUGE deal for us. I kind of thought Ony would be like that.

  4. Nice post. It scares me a bit that “loot is as good as 10 men ToC” is an argument these days, since ToC already had a vastly inflated loot-to-difficulty ratio.

    drew: How you can say that the raids are better than in TBC is beyond me. What’s good about bosses that burst open and drop their entrails (loot) after a single glare?
    Ulduar was a good instance, I’ll give you that. Sarth 3D was also well tuned. All other raids in wotlk are god-awful.

  5. If truly wanted challenging encounters go do hard modes. Your trying to act like this content is stupid easy when it’s made for people like you. Try doing raids in BC before nerfs then come back and re write this.

  6. As Limbripped said, this is Blizzard’s plan. Sure you can complete ToC regular because it was designed to be not too difficult. Have you stepped foot into Heroic ToC (TotGC)? It’s stupid hard. I haven’t pugged a successful beasts run yet, and even my guild couldn’t get past beasts when we tried it a couple weeks ago. THAT’s hard. IMO it’s perfect. You’re not beating your head against a wall every instance, but if you’d like a challenge, you can find one. I like little loot piñatas like Onyxia. It’s fun to do when I don’t feel like spending 3 hours raiding. We used to have 2 relevant “easy” raids: OS and VoA. Now Onyxia replaces OS, so not much has changed.

  7. @scrusi, I agree. 10-man ToC is too easy, which I said in my post. ToC should be more difficult than Ulduar, not easier than Naxx.

    @Limbripped, I do want challenge and we will be doing hard modes. We just wanted to clear the regular version first. I’d be happy to show that I can do BC raids pre-nerf, but I will never have the chance unfortunately.

    @Brey, it’s one thing to make the regular versoin “not too difficult” but it’s another thing entirely to make it easier than the first tier of raiding in the expansion. Naxx is harder than ToC. That’s not good. That’s not anywhere near perfect, considering how easy folks say Naxx was compared to previous raids.

    I’m actually kind of proud, I’ve managed to get an elitist on my site, go me!

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