Weekend Wrap Up plus SSotW!

Yes, you read it right.  I finally have a new Screen Shot of the Week!  This week’s honor goes to Kered, the Death Knight.  He’s finally managed to snag himself two Tankards O’ Terror for Dual Wielding.  Grats Kered, drink on my friend…drink on.


Trial of the Crusader

This weekend was a pretty interesting one.  We started out Friday night with a full clear of 10-man ToC.  Factions Champions apparently got nerfed, and I have no problem with that.  That fight wasn’t a true pve fight to begin with, and I just thought it was a mess with so much randomness depending on who you had the luck to draw.

We one-shot Beasts, Jaraxxus & Faction Champions.  We got Twin Val’kyr after 3 tries and Anub’arak after…four tries?  I can’t remember exactly how many, but it was a fairly solid run.

The first try on the Twins was the obligitory look and see what this fight does.  The second try was a brain fart.  We thought we could let our Pally solo-tank them and 3 of our dps proceeded to have the wrong buff and pull off of him in a huge way.  Third try was money though.

Anub was a little frustrating.  We had the look and see fight.  Some people were having some confusion over what was going on when he submerged, but I think that was a communication breakdown on my part.  I was one of the ones explaining the fight, and I feel like I didn’t do a great job.  On the bright side, the first time we got to phase 3 we beat him.  I saw phase 3 destroy another 10-man guild run I had pugged into a week ago, and my guild nailed it.  Grats DG.

I managed to snag Endurance of the Infernal off of Jaraxxus and Chestguard of the Warden off of Anub’arak.


You ever feel like “the man”?  I joined a 25-man VoA pug and we absolutely owned it.  It was the smoothest Koralon attempt I’ve ever seen.  One death.  Afterwards I get a whisper, “You are a great tank”.  Wow, there goes the ego.  I even outrolled a dps to get my t8.5 gloves.


Okay, so I’m going to say this about Onyxia.  Apparently the tanks are the key to this fight.  DG decided to do a quasi-alt run of Ony since some of our mains didn’t make it into the first run.  We ran with 2 of our primary healers, some solid dps and two undergeared tanks.  It went from a fairly simple fight to an exercise in frustration.  When you go from two tanks with 45k hp to two tanks with sub40k hp, it makes a difference.  So for those going after Ony, bring good tanks!


Yes folks, Randul the Dwarf is now a Brewmaster.  Between bugged quests that I couldn’t complete and just plain old lack of desire, I wasn’t sure if I’d finish it, but I did.  Brewmaster is the one title I wanted to have on Randul.  Too bad the holiday isn’t nearly as fun as the Midsummer Fire Festival.

The Ring

Lastly, I purchased my first triumph item this weekend.  I had considered the shoulders, as they are very good, but ended up going for a BiS ring.  I am the proud owner of the Clutch of Fortification.  I’ll be using that one for a while.

That’s it for today folks, thanks for reading!


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  1. Hand em over you bugger!

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