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A Departure from the Norm

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This is a WOW blog.  I am the writer, I think I understand that.  People coming here to read this blog are, undoubtedly, interested in WOW.  That’s cool too.  However, there are just some things that need to be said, and this is my particular medium.  So,behind the break I’ll give you my Stargate: Universe rant.

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No Adventure for Me

Posted in General with tags on October 23, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

My guild is having an Ohio Adventure this weekend.  We are renting three cabins and 14 people are coming together for a weekend of fun and fellowship.  The adventure is taking place a mere two hours from my house…I can’t go.

My wife has come down with the flu, and one of our guild members is pregnant.  We are not going to put her or her unborn child at risk, so we are staying home.

I’m extremely bummed, but my fun isn’t worth the risk to someone else.  So to all the DG folks having fun this weekend, party on dudes!  We’ll miss you.

New Feature: Ask the Dwarf!

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I’ve been rolling the idea of a Q & A feature around in my head, so I thought I’d go ahead and kick it off.  The new feature, Ask the Dwarf will feature questions from my readers answered by Randul the Dwarf.

The field is wide open, so use the comment system to ask questions about…well pretty much anything.  This feature can be as humorous or as serious as you, my readers, desire.  It all depends on the questions asked.

I’m going to start out with some questions derived from the Search Engine Terms people used to get to my site.

Q. Can I convert Emblems of Valor back to Emblems of Conquest if I go from Conquest to Valor?

A. Nope!  That’s your punishment for downgrading to begin with.

Q. Which is better?  Mercy’s Hold or Fireproven Gauntlets?

A. The answer is here, but I’ll just say Mercy’s Hold are much better, especially for a Warrior like me.  Warrior’s value Expertise highly for the threat it generates and the survivability of not getting parried.  Mercy’s Hold loses 25 Strength and 10 defense rating, but it makes up for it with 3 more dodge rating, a socket & 35 expertise rating.

Q. What is the best runeforge for the Titansteel Destroyer?

A. Well, that’s a Death Knight question, and therefore dumb, but I’ll answer it anyway.  The best Runeforge for DPS is the Fallen Crusader.  The best for Tanking is Stoneskin Gargoyle.

Q. Why can a dk buy tank legs with emblem o?

A. I’m going to complete this question with what I THINK they may have been asking about.  Why can a Death Knight buy tank lets with Emblems of Conquest that have Block on them?  Because Blizzard hates Death Knights and doesn’t want them to get perfectly itemized free epics.  Seriously though, they aren’t perfectly itemized for anyone.

Tank Gearing 102: Gearing for Raids

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , , on October 20, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

In yesterday’s Tank Gearing 101 post, I talked about how to gear for Heroics.   If you look at the gear from that post, you’ll see that the Stamina and Avoidance are still rather lacking.  Today, I will talk about how to use Heroics to get those stats up and prepare for raids.

The general strategy is run run run run run Heroics until your eyes bleed.  Each boss in a Heroic will drop an Emblem of Conquest, which can be used to buy pieces of gear.  In this day of Conquest Emblems, you will be expected to have much better gear just to go into Naxxramas than we had to have when it first came out.

As an aside, you should do the Daily Heroic quest every day you can find the time.  This will reward you with two Emblems of Triumph, which can be used to buy even better gear than Emblems of Conquest.

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Tank Gearing 101: Gearing for Heroics

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , on October 19, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

I’ve helped two up and coming guild tanks get their gear in order in the past couple weeks, so I thought this might be a suitable time to do a post about gearing your tank.

Disclaimer:  While there are some slight differences between the plate-wearing tank classes, the primary rules remain mostly the same.  While some classes may put more stock in Block (Paladins) than others, the general guidelines I present here today will give any plate-wearing tank a good idea of how they should gear.  I’m not even touching Druids, they are a mystery to me.  Who tanks without plate?

The Rules

There are (currently) some rules to gearing your tank.

  • Rule #1 – To tank a raid, you must have 540 Defense (Heroics require 535)
  • Rule #2 – When Defense is no longer required, gem and enchant for Stamina.

Those are the rules, not overly complicated right?  Of course, there are exceptions, but these two rules will get you far.

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Vezax Down

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Last night was Tuesday, which means the Dinner Goat Ulduar Progression Team (D-GUPT, yes I made that up just now) burst into Ulduar with one thing on our minds, clearing this joint.

Well, we didn’t.  HOWEVER, we did make progress, which is the goal of the team.  Last week we downed Mimiron and got two attempts in on Vezax.  I like the way that works out for us.  It allows us to get a look at the boss and then come back the next week and rofflestomp them, which is what we did.

Vezax took us three tries last night.  On the first one, I noobed out and missed the vitally important interupt that I needed to hit.  We lasted about 30 seconds.  On the second attempt, we hit the enrage timer.  We just lost too many dps to Shadow Crashes and we healed him too much with his Mark of the Faceless.

Third time was the charm though, as we got him with around three minutes to spare on the enrage.  Considering our highest DPS pulled aggro off of me and went splat within about 10 seconds of the beginning of the fight, that’s pretty darn good.

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Another One Bites the Dust

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Due to another blogger that I link to quitting wow, I’m updating my links again.

New Additions:

That is Amazing (WoW)! – That is Amazing is active again, and I read it every day.  Welcome back to the list.

Reputation Grind – General WoW blog.

Runeforge Gossip – WoW blog from a Death Knight’s point of view.

Retired Links:

Diaries of a Marksman Hunter – She’s leaving WoW, so no more posts.  She is going to keep the blog around for people to reference though.

Skeleton Jack – Sorry Jack, no WoW and no post in a month.

If you regularly read my website and have a blog you think I might be interested in, put it in the comments.  If I like it I’ll link it.