Changing the Raid

Last Saturday we took what basically amounted to an alt raid into Ulduar.  On the surface, this seems like a fine idea.  Getting alternate characters gear and getting newer raiders experience is never a bad thing…right?

Not necessarily right, no.  Here’s our guild’s problem.  We have about 17 or 18 folks who want to raid 10-man content.  The good news is, we rarely have more than 11 on who want to raid at a single time, so if we have to sit someone it’s usually just one person.  The bad news is, we spend a lot of time raiding content (Ulduar in particular) that we haven’t mastered with alts/newer raiders so we have trouble progressing.

That’s the dilemna.  Do we take alts and newer folks into Ulduar to farm the first seven bosses or do we take a “progression raid” into Ulduar to progress?  The answer is both, which brings me back to last Saturday’s raid.

Our alt raid managed to get to Hodir, but got shut down multiple times on Hodir.  Was it gear?  Was it experience?  I can’t say for certain, but I can say we didn’t have what it took to down Hodir.  Here’s the decision that was made.  We decided to extend that Ulduar run and come back in on Tuesday with 10 of our most experienced/geared raiders and see if we could progress.

The answer is a resounding yes.  We one-shot Hodir, which we’ve done in the past but he’s still finicky on occasion.  We two-shot Thorim, who we’d only seen one time before, and we two-shot Freya, who we’d never seen before.  Ever.  We got to Mimiron, but we were out of time so we decided to just take a look at one attempt, which we failed utterly at.

You may be asking, “What about the other raiders?”  We asked ourselves that too.  We will still be doing our weekend Ulduar raids.  Nearly every one of those progression raiders has an alt.  We will be able to farm the crap out of the first half of Ulduar, gearing and getting experience all along the way, while still progressing on our progression raid.

As of right now, our raid week looks like this.

Friday:  ToC

Saturday:  Ulduar

Sunday:  Ulduar

Tuesday:  Progression Ulduar on an extended lockout.

Onyxia will be either on a Saturday, Sunday or sometime through the week when we have enough folks online.  She’s like a Heroic, so it’s not a lot of stress to throw together.

This may seem like a lot of raiding, especially for casuals like us, but it’s really not all that bad.  Friday night ToC should not be difficult to pull off.  It’s a short instance that we’ve cleared, so we should be able to handle it.  We’ll have to be more choosy on who comes to that one for a while, but eventually we’ll be able to pepper alts in.

The Saturday & Sunday raids are more or less optional.  My wife, who doesn’t have an 80 alt will skip them altogether, as she’s a progression raider.

The Tuesday night raid is already confirmed with all those involved, we will be committing to this as we want to see the end of Ulduar.  Once we clear it a few times, we’ll be able to take the alt raids further through the zone.

This decision is a win/win for everyone I think.


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