Why I love Raid Extension

Raid extension rocks.  There, I said it.  The hardcore elitists can call me a casual and talk about how they had to clear a raid in a week, while walking to school in the snow…naked…uphill both ways.  That’s fine.  Maybe my guild is casual, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t good.

Thanks to raid extensions, we’ve been able to designate Tuesday as progression night.  I’ve talked in the past about why we need progression night, so I won’t go into it too much here.

If you look at it from a time spent standpoint rather than a weeks spent standpoint, we are doing quite well for ourselves.  We’ve had Ulduar up through Hodir on farm for a long time, but a casual schedule (with casual attendance policies) and new content caused us to stall on Hodir.  Sure, we’d beat him before, but we weren’t consistant and we’ve never beat anyone past him.

In the last 3 weeks we’ve spent approximately 6 hours raiding Ulduar in 3 sessions.  In the first session (2 hours on a Saturday) we cleared up through Hodir with a group of alts.  In the second session (2 hours on a Tuesday) we one-shot Ignis, one-shot Hodir, two-shot Thorim and two-shot Freya.  We’d seen Thorim once and had never seen Freya before.  I count that a success.

In last night’s session, we got Mimiron down after four attempts and put three solid attempts in on Vezax in 2 hours.  I have every confidence that we will down Vezax in our next session and either down Yogg Saron or put forth some serious attempts with him following the next week.

If things go as I suspect, we are looking at a 10hour clear of Ulduar for the first time.  Is that really so much worse than how long it took a guild that raids three, four or even five times a week to clear Ulduar for the first time?  I doubt it.  Yes, my group, as a whole, probably outgears 10-man Ulduar a bit.  Not a lot, but some.  That’s an advantage, to be sure, but I still think that we are accomplishing a lot by clearing this joint.

It’s taken us a while to get this far, but the reason for that is pretty clear.  We are casual.  We have real lives and can’t raid one instance multiple times each week.  We raid ToC, Ony & we farm the first half of Ulduar on alts.  That leaves that one special night each week to clear a raid that, to be quite frank, everyone hasn’t cleared.  In fact, according to wow.guildprogress.com only 25% of the players on my server and 30% of the players in the world have got to where we are.  For a bunch of “scrubs”, I’ll take it.

So congratulations to Jamason, Hoofz, Lissik, Beatris, Pandoora, Bigbeast, Lunityc, Koffka, Ailleyna and of course, me.  We downed a new boss last night, and that’s an accomplishment.


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