Vezax Down

Last night was Tuesday, which means the Dinner Goat Ulduar Progression Team (D-GUPT, yes I made that up just now) burst into Ulduar with one thing on our minds, clearing this joint.

Well, we didn’t.  HOWEVER, we did make progress, which is the goal of the team.  Last week we downed Mimiron and got two attempts in on Vezax.  I like the way that works out for us.  It allows us to get a look at the boss and then come back the next week and rofflestomp them, which is what we did.

Vezax took us three tries last night.  On the first one, I noobed out and missed the vitally important interupt that I needed to hit.  We lasted about 30 seconds.  On the second attempt, we hit the enrage timer.  We just lost too many dps to Shadow Crashes and we healed him too much with his Mark of the Faceless.

Third time was the charm though, as we got him with around three minutes to spare on the enrage.  Considering our highest DPS pulled aggro off of me and went splat within about 10 seconds of the beginning of the fight, that’s pretty darn good.

So congratulations D-GUPT on your General Vezax kill!


Unfortunately I don’t have a screenie, so here is my armory achievement.

After Vezax, we reached Yogg-Saron’s room.  The first attempt was not even truly an attempt.  Our Raid Leader stepped too far into the room and started the encounter with a couple of us in the room and the rest outside.

Our second attempt was the obligatory check this fight out mess.  Sure there are fights you can one-shot, but complicated fights like this are never going to be one-shot and you are probably going to wipe hard the first time you see each phase.  We did not dissapoint.  I think we may have exploded one of the Guardians on Sara.

Our third attempt went a little better, but was still very messy.  We got Sara to 50% before we got overran by Guardians.  On our fourth and final attempt, we actually got to phase 2.  We shouldn’t have, but Sara was low enough when the wipe started that our Pally tank managed to blow her up as he died.

So we DID manage to get to Phase 2, but only three of us were alive when we got there.  The good news is, that was our goal.  We knew we didn’t have a lot of time and we knew we weren’t going to kill Yogg last night.  We wanted to get to Phase 2 so we could say we at least had something of a handle on Phase 1, which I believe we do.

Will we drop Yogg next week?  I think maybe we will.  If we can actually get started on time and get the people we want to be there to show up, then I think we stand a very good chance.  It’s a complicated fight, but we have a very good group and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Side Note

Whoever at Blizzard that thought it would be fun to throw TotC & Ony in after a boss like Yogg-Saron, I just have one question.  Really?


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