New Feature: Ask the Dwarf!

I’ve been rolling the idea of a Q & A feature around in my head, so I thought I’d go ahead and kick it off.  The new feature, Ask the Dwarf will feature questions from my readers answered by Randul the Dwarf.

The field is wide open, so use the comment system to ask questions about…well pretty much anything.  This feature can be as humorous or as serious as you, my readers, desire.  It all depends on the questions asked.

I’m going to start out with some questions derived from the Search Engine Terms people used to get to my site.

Q. Can I convert Emblems of Valor back to Emblems of Conquest if I go from Conquest to Valor?

A. Nope!  That’s your punishment for downgrading to begin with.

Q. Which is better?  Mercy’s Hold or Fireproven Gauntlets?

A. The answer is here, but I’ll just say Mercy’s Hold are much better, especially for a Warrior like me.  Warrior’s value Expertise highly for the threat it generates and the survivability of not getting parried.  Mercy’s Hold loses 25 Strength and 10 defense rating, but it makes up for it with 3 more dodge rating, a socket & 35 expertise rating.

Q. What is the best runeforge for the Titansteel Destroyer?

A. Well, that’s a Death Knight question, and therefore dumb, but I’ll answer it anyway.  The best Runeforge for DPS is the Fallen Crusader.  The best for Tanking is Stoneskin Gargoyle.

Q. Why can a dk buy tank legs with emblem o?

A. I’m going to complete this question with what I THINK they may have been asking about.  Why can a Death Knight buy tank lets with Emblems of Conquest that have Block on them?  Because Blizzard hates Death Knights and doesn’t want them to get perfectly itemized free epics.  Seriously though, they aren’t perfectly itemized for anyone.


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