No Adventure for Me

My guild is having an Ohio Adventure this weekend.  We are renting three cabins and 14 people are coming together for a weekend of fun and fellowship.  The adventure is taking place a mere two hours from my house…I can’t go.

My wife has come down with the flu, and one of our guild members is pregnant.  We are not going to put her or her unborn child at risk, so we are staying home.

I’m extremely bummed, but my fun isn’t worth the risk to someone else.  So to all the DG folks having fun this weekend, party on dudes!  We’ll miss you.


3 Responses to “No Adventure for Me”

  1. What server do you guys play on? I hardly run into any other Ohio residents on Cairne. A rl friend and myself are the only Ohioans in our guild.

  2. We are on the Malygos server. My wife and I are the only ones from Ohio. 18 out of 25 of our guild members are from Tennessee. One is from Indiana, two are from New Jersey & two are from Toronto.

  3. Gah, one is from Illinois, not Indiana, and Delaware, not New Jersey. And isn’t it Ontario and not Toronto??! How did you pass high school geography??

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