Randul’s take on wow.com

“www.wow.com.  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

Yes, you heard correctly, wow.com is a terrible website.  Is it the writing?  No, some of the writers are pretty good.  In fact, when folks like Matt Rossi contribute something, I’ll read it regardless of topic.  Is it the topics?  Nah, it talks about WOW, which is something near and dear to all of our hearts.

What is it then?  What makes wow.com such a pitiful excuse for a wow site?  Two things that go hand in hand with each other.

  1. The commenting system.
  2. The people who are doing the commenting.

You see, you can rate each person’s comment.  You can rate it up with a thumbs up or down with a thumbs down.  When something gets rated up high enough it gets put on a nice pretty blue background so everyone’s eyes can be drawn to it.  However, when something gets rated far enough down, it gets blacked out to the point where you can’t even read it.

That’s a problem folks.  It wouldn’t be a problem if the people rating were mature, but let’s face it…they are wow players.  If the downrankings were used to get rid of profane comments, that would be fine.  However, most of the stuff that gets blacked out is stuff that the majority of the wow.com readership just plain don’t agree with.

I want to make everyone aware, I did not get downranked on this website.  I barely even comment there.  My comments are typically ignored rather than downranked.  I just think it’s a big ol’ load of crap that people have the ability to practically erase what someone has written just because enough people don’t agree with it.

Check this link about Icecrown raid progression out.  Short version:  Icecrown is going to be gated access, much like ToC.  We’ll only have access to a few bosses when it first comes out and after a period of time we’ll get more.

My opinion?  This sucks.  It’s obviously an attempt to prolong this expansion when they should have prolonged it by putting actual content in 3.2.  They didn’t do that, however, and we end up with artificial barriers to raiding progress.  Yes, I believe this is all because Blizzard seriously mistimed their Cataclysm release projections.

Anyway, people who say things like me are getting completely blacked out, while people who are calling those folks basement dwellers are being praised.  Really?  You don’t have to agree with me, but any system that gives you and your multitude of ignorant cohorts the ability to wipe my comment off the site is flawed.

Here’s an example of a blacked out comment:

This is infuriating and downright shameful on Blizzard’s behalf. They’re trying to drag out this raid over a longer period because they got lazy with 3.2. They released an incredibly undersized raid (with bosses who have enormous loot tables) WAY TOO early (killing off Ulduar that soon was a mistake. Even the best guilds only had it completed for 3 weeks or so).

I don’t want to hear some justification about us needing this extra time to progressively gear ourselves for the harder fights at the end of the raid; that’s [expletive deleted]. Between the Emblems of Frost gear and the carry-over gear from ToC, many active raiders should have no gear concerns. Even on the PTR, where most players are in 245-level gear, the bosses tested aren’t providing any extreme challenge limited by the players’ gear.

They’re trying to drag WotLK out because they got lazy with this expansion pack. This is the final nail in the coffin encasing all of Blizzard’s mistakes from WotLK.

If they’re going to put limited attempts, why aren’t there any rewards associated with them? This is another device they’re employing in order to drag out the content for the casuals.

This is a slap on an already severely-bruised face.

While I agree that the expletive this person used didn’t need to be there, I highly doubt that’s why he got downranked so badly.  Here’s a reply that was actually upranked so high they were in the nifty blue background:

Yes, its simply to just insult us. Stop revolving your life around this game, and stop assuming how you think Blizzard works things. You don’t know how this works, you’re not running the game, stop bitching. Bitch.

The bottom line, wow.com is a hub of “entitled casuals”.  The folks that are casual but think they should have everything that the people who actually try to play the game get.  If you say anything that doesn’t fall in line with the entitled casual philosophy, you will get ostracized.


One Response to “Randul’s take on wow.com”

  1. And that is the main reason I only read a few of the comments on a given post. Mostly on Breakfast Topic. The rest are usually just a series of First!! and L2p, nub type of stuff that is as bad as /2 Chuck Norris tripe.

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