Bad Blogger is Bad

I was going to post a screenshot of my new sword today, but I’m forgetful and I forgot my jump drive with the screenie on it.

Sooooooo, I will give you a screenshot of a much less exciting nature.  The achievement page at!

Yes, I now have Quel’Delar.  To be quite honest, I felt a little bad about rolling on it when I found out that it didn’t offer a tank sword.  Then I remembered a few things.  First, I am a lore nerd and the quest to get the sword is really amazing from a lore perspective.  Secondly, I pvp and this is a huge (200 top-end damage) upgrade over Reckoning.  Lastly, why the heck not?  It’s a unique weapon that has history, I deserve a shot at it just as much as anyone else.

For the stat freaks:

Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful

  • Two-Hand Sword
  • 769 – 1155 Damage
  • Speed 3.6
  • 262.2 damage per second
  • 164 Strength
  • 164 Stamina
  • Improves Critical Strike rating by 99
  • Improves Haste rating by 91

How do you get Quel’Delar?  You have to loot a battered hilt out of the Heroic version of any of the new Icecrown 5-mans.  Once you loot it, you can start a quest chain that will take you to Quel’Delar’s Rest, south of the Argent Tournament Grounds.  After that you will be kited around from Wyrmrest to Dalaran to all three of the new 5-mans and finally to the Sunwell.

At the end of the quest line, there is a plate dps 2-handed sword, a hunter 2-handed sword, a 1-handed Agility sword and a caster sword to choose from.  If your class can’t use swords, there is a melee 1-handed mace, a 2-handed melee mace & a caster mace to choose from.

All in all, it’s an awesome item with some awesome lore and a fun questline.  If you have a chance to roll on the battered hilt, do it.

I won’t be blogging until 2010, so enjoy your holidays and a hearty Merry Christmas to you if you are so inclined.


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