Ever get that…weird feeling?

Like someone is trying to take advantage of you….sexually?

A little background on this Screenshot Story.  I was in Outland at level 80.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I certainly wasn’t there to run any instances with anyone, especially people I didn’t know.

All of a sudden I get a party invite from some guy that is standing next to me.  As you can see, my response in /say is “What?”.

His response?  “just follow me plz”  Um, no way buddy.  I’ve seen this movie, it doesn’t end well.

Obviously curious…I ask what he wants.  He can’t turn my skin into a Randul suit if I’m flying away right?

And of course, the best response ever.  “instnince”

To which I gave a fairly straight forward reply.

What’s the moral of the story here, kids?  Random WOW players are like the folks you might find in this van.

You are better off just leaving them alone.


5 Responses to “Ever get that…weird feeling?”

  1. zomg. I love your UI! I looks almost exactly like mine!! 😀

  2. It’s pretty much the default, but I kind of slide omen & recount in there too. I think I’ll try to get some screens of my ui in action tonight and post them. I spent an entire evening this past weekend working on a sleek & functional ui using all kinds of addons only to switch it back. I resist change.

  3. I especially like the keybinds. If you look at any of my screenshots, you’ll see the labels on the top action bar: a-1, a-2, a-3, etc … and some farther to the right with things like R, E, Q and other spots that are within easy reach of WASD. Almost identical to yours 😀

    I like being able to play on patch day without spending 20 hours updating addons.

  4. hehe nice Tony

  5. What are you, A druid or a rogue?

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