Hey Randul, what have you been doing?

Thanks for asking!  I guess I’ll tell you since you are so curious.  Is it odd that I’m asking and responding to myself? Anyway, I’ve been up to quite a bit lately.  In game and out I’ve been a very busy little beaver.

I’ll start with out of game, since that’s where the majority of my time is being spent these days.

  • Evan can crawl…almost. So my son is almost able to crawl.  That’s mobility folks, and it is terror on the wow-playing.  Granted he isn’t booking around on his hands and knees yet, but he can scoot and drag like a champ.  Constant vigilance is required to keep this little rugrat out of danger.  Check out this video (Sorry about the bad link before) of my boy cracking up at his juggling daddy…yes, I’m that big of a dork.
  • P90X is hawt. That’s right folks, this flabby gamer is getting into shape.  I’m currently in the middle of week 40 4 of P90X and I’m feeling great.  My pants are loosening and my arms and legs are getting bigger  It’s great!  Why am I doing this?  Well, it will help me with my gaming.  The ability to hit buttons faster and perform for longer periods of time…just kidding.  To be quite honest, I was getting a little big.  I’ve never been a big guy, measuring in at 5’10” 160 pounds for a long time.  I got on the scales a while back and was 175 pounds, so I decided to make some changes.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve got Flag Football coming up in a few weeks and the beach this summer.  😀  Want more info on P90X?  Go here.

How about in-game?  What have I been doing there?

  • My guild finally dropped that giant booger-face Rotface.  I hate that guy, but we’ve dropped him twice now, so I’m feeling confident he will go down every week for us.  SUCH a boring fight for a Main Tank.  “Hai guise, Devastate spam k?!?!?”  At least I get to call stuff out, which has prepped me for my next task…
  • Raid leading Valithria Dreamwalker.  Our normal Raid Leader is also our best healer, so he gets a little busy on this fight.  That leaves me to call out targets and other assorted commands.  We are working hard to get this chick down (I suppose up would be more accurate.) and I think we’ll get her this week.  We are going to change our strategy a bit, because we were DOING IT WRONG.
  • Lastly, I’ve been working on a project I’ve had since I started playing on Malygos.  Daenaran, the Shaman.  He’s now 76 and I think I’m turning into quite the healer.  He’s dual-specced as Resto & Enhance.  I do a random dungeon every day as Resto and quest as Enhance.  I tried Elemental for about 5 minutes, but questing as Elemental is 10x harder than Enhance, in my opinion.  I still think I want to go Resto/Elemental at 80 though.

There you have it folks, that’s what I’ve been into lately.  I hope to be back and writing more stuff, but life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls.  BTW, I MIGHT put some before/after shots of myself on here when I’m finished with P90X, just depends on how sexeh I am.

I almost forgot!  Hi Dawn!  If you show up, thanks for stopping by.  Hope you like my work and feel free to blast me on my home turf.


13 Responses to “Hey Randul, what have you been doing?”

  1. I quested as enhanced for a long time on my shammy then someone told me it was easier as ele. They said the point of ele was for it to be dead before it got to you…whaddoya know they were right. That was back during BC days. I don’t know how an unmaxed ele shammy is to play now.

  2. I was level 73, so I didn’t have Lava Burst yet, which I hear can make a difference. I might give it another shot just so I’m not a complete elemental virgin at 80, but Enhance seems to have so many “oh crap” buttons that I can push to live through a bad situation.

    Spirit Wolves, Shamanistic Rage, & MW Heals can be lifesavers that Ele doesn’t have.

    Edit: Fact is, it’s a completely different ballgame than anything I’ve ever done at even medium level. My highest pure caster is a 35 mage who went from 20-35 with a druid taking most of the hits.

    I have a hunter, but his pets keep aggro most of the time and feign death gets me out of anything tough. So rocking Ele would be the first time I’ve ever played a pure caster at high level and it’s a bit of a shock switching from primarily melee characters.

  3. I like your blog, do you have any tips about Druids (Alliance side) or mage? I need some big info so I can finally get to level 54. I am on level 43, damn mage is kicking my ass left and right. I have already mastered Mage level. I also saw your reply to Raven. “I was level 73, so I didn’t have Lava Burst yet.” WTF? You’re at a very high level my friend. Well, not friend.

    My friend has the move Lava Burst, I don’t know which Alliance character he was. Bllllluuuuhhh

  4. I know nothing about Druids and very little about Mages.

    For Mage stuff, try http://clearcasting.wordpress.com/. Arioch plays a mage as one of her main characters I believe.

    For Druid stuff, I haven’t read much but I know http://delerius.wordpress.com/ plays a Druid.

    As for Lava Burst, you get it at level 75.

  5. Ummm…I would ignore the Andrew guy. I think goes around to every blog that gets any decent hits and says the most outrageous thing he can think of so people will go see his blog.

    Anyway, I forgot to congratulate you on your son crawling. I was never into kids and didn’t really want one…then…well…kinda hard to give that one back. Turns out it was the best thing that ever happened to me. She turned 5 last month and the most amazing thing that will happen to me this month is that I get her pictures this Friday. I’m so posting them. I guess when she’s a teenager I might change my tune but for the moment she just gets more and more amazing as time goes on.

  6. Raven is right, except for the last part. I don’t advertise Raven, but the rest you said was true. I just love talking with people who enjoy World of Warcraft. I have known Arioch since my blog was updated. Hehehehe.

  7. Ya Raven, I kind of gathered that, but I tried to be helpful just in case.

    Evan’s awesome. I’d post about him everyday, but I don’t want this to be an Evan blog. 🙂 I was trying to call out stuff in vent on Valithria Dreamwalker the other night and all the people in vent heard was SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH, cause he’s learned to scream.

    Fun times.

  8. Hey thanks Randul, I like you better than all the other WoW players. They are always pushing it. 🙂

  9. LOL!!! Just wait until he starts wanting to talk to them. My little girl LOVES it when she gets to say hi.

  10. Randul, do you have any information for dwarfs? Or just Warrior?

    Yeah, Arioch ain’t gonna help me with the mage. She’s not a good help. 😕


  11. @Andrew

    Go troll something else, like the Official Forums of your server.


    That is awesome dude. How old is Evan now? Warren is 5 months old and attempts to walk…we had to actually get him a walker so he would stop pulling himself up using the table. It is really fun in the middle of BQL when your son is trying to roll off the couch onto the floor.

  12. Evan is 8 months. Sounds like you have a real situation brewing if yours is trying to walk at 5. Evan will take steps if you hold onto his hands, but doesn’t really try to pull himself up on anything.

  13. Warren will sit on your lap and climb up your shirt to a standing position. I tried to make him crawl but he just gets mad and start crying until you let him stand up on his own.

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