Old Content Being New, and a Shaman Update

No, I’m not talking about Vanilla raids like BWL & AQ40, I’m talking about Wrath raids like Naxx!

I went into Naxx10 last night with 4 guildmates and 6 pugs for the weekly.  One of the pugs was an extremely well geared Death Knight Tank who seemed to have no questions about what was going on.  I made the (incorrect) assumption that he knew what to do for Razuvious.

I was wrong.  Unfortunately, he didn’t ask beforehand what to do, he just acted like he knew and proceeded to do it wrong.  He used the stone to mind control, which is great, but he didn’t know to release his guy so the MC didn’t break at an inopportune time.    Well, it did break at such a time and we wiped…in Naxx…on Razuvious.  /sigh

As it turns out, this guy was a Mage when Naxx was relevant and never had to MC on Raz.  I proceeded to explain the fight to him and we blew him up.  So the next time you are going into something old for the weekly (or fun), remember…people may not know WTF TO DO!

That’s the intro.  The meat of the post (to me) is that my baby Shaman put out 1200 dps (overall) and 1900 dps (Cyanagosa) in VH last night!  Not bad for a level 76 alt with average gear.  I’m really enjoying playing Daenaran and I can’t wait to get him to 80.  I do the random Wrath each day to get my triumph badges, so I’ll be able to get t9 gloves or shoulders at the very least as soon as I hit 80.

Now the hard part…do I get dps shoulders (even then do I get Elemental or Enhance?) or do I get healing shoulders?  I leveled Daenaran because I wanted a character that was capable of healing, but there is much less pressure on dps in pugs.

Not that pressure bothers me, I’m a tank after all.  So my question to all of you (or both of you, or just you, whatever the case may be) is…will I, as a fresh 80 with one piece of t9 gear and probably a solid supply of non-heroic blues, be okay healing Heroics?  I think I have the technique, just not sure about the gear.


2 Responses to “Old Content Being New, and a Shaman Update”

  1. I did it on my priest with gear in the ranges of 71-76 in my first random heroic at 80. You will be just fine. Just remember that you may have to pop every CD you have for mana/increased healing if you have an overzealous tank. My first heroic was H HoL and the tank pulled everything (and I mean EVERYTHING that wasn’t a PC) up to the slag room.

  2. You should be ok. You will be in gear that the heroics are designed for. The only problems you might have are the ass hats found in LFG. Of course, I have found those to be the exception rather than the rule.

    I was in a heroic the other day. The boomkin and I massively out geared the warrior tank. After, the only wipe just inside the instance (this was H UK) we both started giving pointers to the tank, watching our aggro, cc’in mobs and generally having a blast. It was seriously the most fun I have had in a heroic since I started running them. It was pretty clear that the tank was newish to prot and seemed to appreciate our comments and I am sure he appreciated us not bitching at him about his gear or his newness.

    But, I like to consider myself the voice of reason in heroics and I will call people out for being dbags name callers and more often than not I refuse to kick. I think I have only kicked once or twice and they were said name calling dbags. So, you should be fine if you don’t end up with name calling dbags. And, if you do, zone out, pick flowerts or something and wait to be kicked and get another insta queue.

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