Logged onto my Shaman at about 8:30 last night hoping to get him to 80.  He was about 20% into 79, so I had a good way to go.  Long story short, I am now 23% from 80.  Barring internet outage or server-downs, I WILL hit 80 tonight.

I’m really excited to fire him up.  I’ll have 34 Emblems of Triumph upon hitting 80, which will be going toward Resto T9 gear, but I’m still trying to decide which route to go as my secondary spec.  Both Enhance and Elemental have pros and cons for me.



  • Greater survivability than Elemental in the form of Spirit Wolves, Maelstrom Weapon Heals and Shamanistic Rage. (primarily a questing issue)
  • Greater familiarity with the spec, since I leveled from 10 as Enhance.
  • I currently have better gear for Enhance than I do for Elemental.


  • The biggest con is that it’s yet another melee class.  I already have 2 80s with melee dps specs, I’d like to try something else.  Not to mention I already have a DW DK so the feel is similar to Enhance.
  • Secondary con and really minor is that the rotation (priority system) is more complex than Elemental, so if I ever want to mindlessly push buttons it would be more difficult as Enhance.



  • It’s different!  If it weren’t for the fact that it would finally be a non-melee character I would most definitely go Enhance, but this is a serious draw for me.
  • As I said above, the rotation is fairly simple compared to Enhance (or pretty much anything I’ve done.)  I typically like a little interactivity in my play, but I’ve got that in 2 other characters and another spec on this one.  A little simplicity sounds nice.


  • The survivability for questing appears to suck.  Granted I haven’t given it a lot of time and my gear wasn’t really all that great, but it seemed like I was spending a lot more time drinking and eating than I did as Enhance.
  • Gear.  My Elemental gear sucks compared to my Enhance and Resto gear.
  • Less familiarity with the spec, which could be the cause of my survivability frustrations.

So where does that leave me?  No clue.  I am a melee guy.  I have no problem getting up under something’s nuts and chopping/slashing/bashing/poking at it.  However, I’ve long wanted to have the option to pew pew from a distance.

In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter.  All of my emblem purchases for quite a while will be going towards Resto gear, so I can accumulate gear the old fashioned way for both specs.  When I instance (and hopefully raid) I’ll be resto I’m sure, so the only time I”ll be using the other spec is if I do dailies or other questing.

Maybe that should answer the question for me, maybe I should go Enhance just because it seems easier for questing.

Any tips or advice?  Am I completely wrong about Elemental not being as good for questing?  Am I doing something wrong?

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have an update that says “80!”


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