As promised…80!

I did it!  Last night around 9:00 p.m. Daenaran, my Shaman, became my third level 80 character.  It took 2 Halls of Stone runs, 1 Halls of Lightning, 1 Occulus and 2 ToCs to go from 79 to 80.  (I finally truly understand why my wife hates healing ToC, that Priestess Paletress is a …. mean mean lady)

Unfortunately, I can’t link his armory because his seems to be bugged out, but I’ve already upgraded quite a few pieces.  I think his gearscore at the end of the night was in the 2700’s, with a few pieces I still need to make myself.

Trying to decide between making the leatherworking mail pieces or keeping my blues.  I have some decently high level blues (upper 70’s) that have MP5 on them, which is a bit of a concern for me right now.  The leatherworking pieces have Int, Stam, Spell Power & Crit I believe.  Not sure if the upgrades are worth the Mp5.  Any opinions?

I also think I’m going to make myself a Titansteel Guardian, which also doesn’t have MP5, but has a ton of SP & crit.  Compared to my BoA mace, it’s a pretty solid upgrade I think.

So yeah, I finally hit 80 on Daenaran.  He was my first character on Malygos, but I never found the time to level him.  (To be fair, he was a new char while my other characters that came over to Maly were transfers.)  I’m ready to start healing those heroics and lower level raids.

To my guildies, I DO have the weekly!  So carry me through Anub’Rekhan please.


6 Responses to “As promised…80!”

  1. Armory seems to be brokened all around today, as I can’t view any of my toons, either.

    Grats on 80! Can’t give you any advice though, I know zero about shaman.

  2. Well, I’ve already been informed that I’m wrong.

    I’m old school. I haven’t had a fresh 80 since fresh 80’s actually did Heroics for the gear, not for the emblems. I’m used to a gradual inrease, but that’s not the name of the game anymore.

    When referring to the mail pieces, I was actually referring to the ilevel 200 mail pieces my leatherworker can make. Apparently that’s dumb. 😀 Since you can get Crusader & Runed orbs for just a few Frozen Orbs these days, I should be looking into those pieces instead, which is what I am planning on doing.

  3. yay!!! and I even tanked my first level 80ish dungeon for him and he didn’t let me die!! Well done sir well done!

  4. Well done!

    I din’ed 80 this weekend too, and aint it just the best feeling after such a long time.

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