I miss that wonder

Do you remember when you first started playing the game?  Did you have that sense of wonder, newness and excitement?  I think that wonder comes with the start of any new game.  It’s basically the excitement of being a newb.  I miss that.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of ways to get that wonder back.

  • Start a new character.  This is tricky because if you’ve made enough alts, (I have 9 who are level 20 or higher.) you aren’t really going to see much in the way of new content, especially if you stay within your faction.  Which brings us to the second way;
  • Start a new character on the opposite faction.  This would actually be a viable option for me, as I have only leveled one Horde character.  I would have to level in the Eastern Kingdoms to get new content, but that’s doable.  The problem with this is I would be separated from my friends and only the content is new…not the mechanics.
  • Start a new game.  Not really an option for me, but this is the most surefire way to get that sense of wonder I’m looking for.  Start out as a true newb in a new game.  I’ve played four games in my online gaming life.  Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Ultima Online and World of Warcraft.  Each of these games had that sense of wonder and exploration that I love as a newb.  Unfortunately, I can’t afford to do this, nor do I want to abandon my current online friends.

So where does that leave me?  I have no idea.  Any thoughts on how I can recapture some of that wonder?

On a side note, the Shaman

Daenaran is coming along nicely for an alt of a player with limited time to play.  I believe his current gearscore is around 3300.  His wow-heroes score is 1499, which places him right in the “do Naxx10 and OS10” territory.  I’ve managed to get my hands on two pieces of T9 Resto gear and some iLevel 200 gear from Heroics & Normal ToC.

The next thing I’m going to shoot for with Emblems is a new totem, apparently a totem that decreases the mana cost of lightning bolt isn’t doing much for my healing.  I think I’m ready to dive into Heroic ToC and maybe the normal ICC 5-mans.

I’m really enjoying playing on him, although I tend to queue as dps when doing pug randoms more often than not.  Maybe now that I’ve got some t9 pieces I’ll feel more confident about healing.  Other than normal gearing, my biggest challenge with him now is going to be getting a UI that suits my needs and desires.  Something about the default UI is lacking to me, but I have trouble getting a custom UI to work.  I’m very picky.



7 Responses to “I miss that wonder”

  1. My last refresh was the goal to learn tanking on all 4 classes. Now have 3 tanks at 80, and a 41 Warrior. There are some really subtle lessons in each class, and by golly its a strange world when you have 3 tanks.

    Next challenge will be to learn how to heal properly, and how to play a level 40 hunter well.


  2. You could just use my UI. Aren’t you a clicker? Eithey way, make mouseover macros for all your heals (even Earth Shield) get Grid and win.

  3. Heck no I’m not a clicker. Look for my keybinds articles. I keybind everything. I don’t know what I did to you to cause you to make that sort of horrible accusation, but whatever it was I’m sorry!

    lol, you just inspired me to make a Shaman keybind post. Maybe someone will read it and see some ways I can improve. Thanks!

  4. I know you are a keybinder. I heard that clickers fail at moving out of the bad.

  5. And yep that is me…fucking handing out inspiration like the creepy man hands out candy from his van..(supposedly)

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