My Shaman UI + Keybinds

I’ve done a keybinding post for both my Warrior and my Death Knight, so it’s time to post one for my Shaman.  I’m going to add my newly finished UI to this post as well, because I finally found a custom UI I like and I wanted to share.

The UI

As you can see in the picture above, I have my bars set up so that my three primary bars are front and center with my totem bar above them.  Then I have my peripheral abilities to the right by my bags.


  • Pitbull – For me,my target and a few others.
  • Titanbar – For general info such as Location, Gold, Durability, Performance, etc.
  • Sexymap – Map mod, just for pretties.
  • Power Auras – All the graphics around my character. I LOVE this addon, I’ve got it set to show me an icon when Riptide is available, when Tidal Waves is active (and how many stacks), when my Triumph Totem procs and also to show me when Earth Shield & Water Shield AREN’T active.
  • Grid – for my raid & party frames, with addons I’ll discuss later.
  • Sunnart Viewport – Resizes my playable area and makes that nice console area at the bottom.
  • Pratt – Chat Mod (everyone seems to have this, not sure what it’s doing for me)
  • Bartender – action bar mod, allows me to move them, add more & keybind.
  • Recount – DPS Meter
  • Omen – Threat Meter (I stack Recount & Omen and only show Recount out of combat and Omen in combat)
  • MSBT – Scrolling Battle Text

*Grid is very configurable.   I’m using an addon to put numbers in the corners as shown above.  I also have Grid set up to give me an icon when a debuff I can remove is on the target and a little dot when there’s a buff I can’t remove on the target.  When someone has aggro their border glows red.

The Keybinds

Main Bar

1 – Auto Attack
2 – Lesser Healing Wave
3 – Healing Wave
4 – Riptide
5 – Wind Shear
6 – Frost Shock
7 – unbound
8 – Trinket
9 – Trinket
0 – Hex
– – Res
= – Mana Potion

Secondary Bar

G – Nature’s Swiftness + Tidal Force + Healing Wave Macro
V – Nature’s Swiftness + Tidal Force + Chain Heal Macro
X – Chain Heal
Ctrl F – Fire Nova
C – Grounding Totem
Z – Tidal Force
Ctrl ` – Cleanse Spirit
Ctrl Tab – Gift of the Naaru
F9 – Heroism
F10 – Fire Elemental
F11 – Earth Elemental
F12 – Ghost Wolf

Third Bar

Alt 1 – Totem Set 1
Alt 2 – Totem Set 2
Alt 3 – Magma Totem
Alt 4 – Flame Shock
Alt 5 – Mana Tide Totem
B – Earth Shield
Alt B – Water Shield
Ctrl X – Chain Lightning
Ctrl Z – Lightning Bolt
Ctrl C – Earth Shock
F4 – Oh Crap! Macro (both Trinkets)

Assorted Other Keybinds

Ctrl D – Cleansing Totem
T – Stoneclaw Totem
H – Earthbind Totem
` – Purge
Ctrl S – Stoneskin Totem
Ctrl H – Heal Potion
Ctrl B – Bandage Self
alt M – Ground Mount
Ctrl G – Flying Mount
Ctrl T – Tremor Totem

The biggest thing I probably need to do is put my heals on mouseover macros, although I’m not sure whether or not I want to go that route or not.  I suppose it would save a split second on each heal since I don’t have to click, but I feel like I’m doing fairly well as it is.

Comments, suggestions or critiques?


4 Responses to “My Shaman UI + Keybinds”

  1. I’ll check tonight, I think it’s like GridIndicatorText or something like that. When you search Grid a bunch of other addons pop up, I just read through all the ones that looked like they might be helpful.

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  3. world of macros…

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