A tribute to good writing

There are a lot of things going on right now in the world of World of Warcraft.  Class changes for Cataclysm are being previewed and information is flowing freely.  Part of me wants to write about some of those changes.

Another part of me wants to write about an article I saw on wow.com that is done RIGHT.  I have been critical of wow.com in the past, but Chase Christian did one little thing in his Combat 101 article that made me stop, take notice and pay tribute.

You can find the full article here.  It’s an introductory article on Combat Rogues.  Nothing really spectacular or groundbreaking about all that.  What I do love, however, is his intro.  I’ll quote it for you.

The assassination rogue sees the diplomat enter the dimly lit pub. He silently spikes a cup of wine with a toxic poison and hands it to the barkeep to send across the room. Upon receiving the drink, the diplomat quickly puts it down and decides to relieve himself before consuming his beverage. As he enters the bathroom, the subtlety rogue who has been waiting in the shadows for him begins to make his approach. Garrote wire in hand, the master of stealth is ready to end this man’s life quietly. Unfortunately, a bystander walks in at this very moment, forcing the shade back into stealth. The diplomat dries his hands on a soft towel and exits the room.

The combat rogue is standing in front of the diplomat. He grabs the noble’s fine silk shirt by the collar and throws him into a table surrounded by rough-looking men. Their drinks and food and dishes fill the otherwise silent bar with a raucous noise as they hit the ground. As the rogue approaches the table, the men rise from their seats and reach for their weapons.

Unfortunately for them, the agile rogue draws his tools faster. He then unleashes a barrage of stored adrenaline into his blood stream and begins smashing the bar’s patrons and the unconscious diplomat with a flurry of blows from two very heavy-looking maces. Moments later, he is the only one left standing amidst a pile of bodies. He kicks the door of the bar open and walks down the street into the night. He does not close the door.

Some wow.come authors try to be witty and clever in their intros.  Some just give a quick “who I am and what this article is about”, but in this article I feel like Mr. Christian went above and beyond.

First of all, this introduction is different.  You don’t see this style very much, especially in these types are articles.

Secondly, it really does convey the differences between the three specs of Rogues.  Assassination Rogues work with poisons, although in wow they are on weapons more often than in drinks.  Subtlety is all about being sneaky and attacking from the shadows.  Combat is all about being up in ya face.

I loved this intro and wanted to give this writer props.  Well done Chase Christian.  Keep up the good work.


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