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Randul & Kered…NERFED!

Posted in Rant with tags , , , , , , , , on May 27, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will undoubtedly know that I am a huge proponent of the dual-spec system.  The dual-spec system allowed me, on my Warrior Randul, to have a tanking spec (Prot) and a pvp/daily spec (Arms).  It also allowed me, on my Death Knight Kered, to have a tanking spec (Unholy) and a DPS spec (Blood).

The good news:  I can perform the roles of tank and dps/pvp on my Warrior and the roles of tank and dps on my Death Knight.

The bad news:  Half of the roles I play on both of my level 80 characters have been nerfed.  Nerfed pretty hard in my opinion.

According to a post on (formerly WowInsider) the following nerfs will take effect as of the next patch:


  • Juggernaut: This talent now also increases the cooldown on Charge by 5 seconds.

Death Knight

  • Frost Presence: Armor bonus is now 60% down from 80%.

What does this mean?  It means Randul the Dwarf will have many more opportunities to be kited by pretty much anyone who can kite.  Not only was the critical strike bonus of Mortal Strike and Slam reduced on Juggernaut in the last patch, but now they are increasing the cooldown of Charge.

How about Kered the Death Knight?  Essentially the only way I’m able to raid (as Tank) is being nerfed pretty hard.  A 20% reduction in the armor bonus in Frost Presence is nothing to sneeze at.

Does this kill my characters?  Nope, not really.  My main spec on Randul is Protection and my preferred spec on Kered is DPS.  Does it hurt my playstyle?  Yes.  I do enjoy pvp, and this is going to make it that much harder to PVP on Randul.  As for Kered, while I prefer to DPS on him, our guild’s lack of tanks forces me to spec as a tank in raids on any character I take.  I sure hope he can still hold his own with a 20% reduction in his armor bonus.


The Pug from Hell

Posted in Rant with tags , , , , , , , , on March 16, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Before this weekend, I have never tanked a PUG that ended in total failure.  I have DPS’d said PUGs, but never tanked one.  I like to think I am a good tank and it takes a lot for my groups to fall apart.  Notice how I prefaced this paragraph with “Before this weekend”?  Yeah.  I did that on purpose.

Go check out Darraxus the Warrior’s blog.  He has a guide to pugging.  I’m sad to say I broke 5 of his 6 commandments.  His six commandments are; thou shalt not be afraid to leave unnanounced, thou shalt inspect each member before commencing PUG, thou shalt run a damage meter, thou shalt make your own PUG, thou shalt let they community be aware, and thou shalt be helpful.

Unfortunately, the only one of these I DID do was run a damage meter, and the damage meter confused the crap out of me to be honest.

As I stated before, I consider myself a good tank.  In Guild runs and most PUGs I’m in I keep aggro off of 2500 dps players.  I do it when they are focus firing, I do it when they aoe, I do it when I’m marking and I do it when I’m not marking.

How then, on God’s green earth can I lose aggro to people doing 1400-1500 dps?

We were running Heroic Azjol-Nerub.  We got past the first pull no problem.  I never lost aggro and I was feeling pretty good about the run in general.  The second pull, the one before the boss sequence, was when I started to get nervous.  It’s a three pull, something I should have no problem with, but I was still losing aggro to these guys.

After the second pull we started the boss sequence.  For those that don’t know, Krik’thir the Gatewatcher has 3 groups standing in front of him.  Pulling the first group begins a timed sequence which sends the second group, the third group and then the boss at certain intervals.  If you don’t kill them fast enough, you’ll get the next group and so on until you get the boss.

I have never had a problem with this fight.  Be it aggro or DPS speed, this fight is a piece of cake.  Last night, this was not the case.  I could not pry aggro off of my party members, including the healer!  After three wipes (notice me breaking the first commandment here), I said one more try.  This time I was finally keeping aggro because they weren’t going balls to the wall right out of the gate.  I’m feeling good about it, then I notice the rogue died.  Again.  How he managed to pull aggro off of me with his rockin’ 1400 dps is a mystery to me, but he managed to do it.

The rogue managed run back in time for the third group of adds just in time for the boss to run up while we still have the adds up.  How???  How can these guys be throwing down enough dps to pull off of me, but not be throwing down enough dps to get these mobs down before the boss enters the fray?

At this point, I decided to follow the first commandment and get out of dodge.  From now on, the commandments will be followed by Randul the Dwarf.  I can guarantee that.

The Devil on My Right Shoulder Won

Posted in Rant with tags , , , on March 6, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Actually, there was no debate.  The angel on my left shoulder was screaming for me to do it louder than the devil.  What did I do, you say?  Good question.

I, and a guildmate were just sitting around in Dalaran waiting for something to happen when we notice a PUG 25-man Vault of Archavon forming.

I’m on Kered, so I whisper the guy and say, “I’ll come, Unholy DK 2k+ DPS.”  The fellow, by the name of Jrivlol adds me to the raid group and I see that he and I are the only folks in the group.  I’m cool with that.  I’m not doing anything else so waiting around doesn’t bother me.

I sit here and wait while this guy SLOWLY adds people to the raid group.  My guildmate gets added as well, as per my request.

After entirely too much time waiting for this guy to get the raid moving, we finally get everyone there and start clearing trash.  I’m keeping an eye on Recount, because it’s important for me to be able to pull my weight.  After all the trash is cleared and we are standing around looking at the boss I’m at 3rd on Damage Done and around 8th on DPS.

Honestly, that’s not bad at all for a guy in fairly crappy gear.  I’m rocking a few blacksmithed epics, the epic belt from Heroic Nexus & the epic leatherworking cloak.  The rest of my gear consists of 75-80 blues.   I think my DPS was 2500.

So we are just about to start when I hear that wonderful little sound that tells you someone whispered you.  “Sorry, guildie coming.”  At first I think to myself, he’s holding us up because a guildie is coming, but why is he whispering me.  Then I notice I’m no longer in the raid!

That’s when the devil & the angel on my shoulders start talking.  The devil says, “Dude, the boss is RIGHT there…pull him.  They aren’t ready.”  At this point, most people would expect the angel to say something along the lines of, “Don’t do it, be the bigger man.”

Nope.  That angel was screaming, “WIPE THOSE JERKS!”  So I pulled, and they did wipe.

Was it the right thing to do?  Probably not.  Did it make me feel better?  Yeah, a little bit actually.  Here’s the thing.  It’s lame to kick anyone in the middle of a raid.  However, if you are going to kick someone…why are you kicking the awesome people?!?!

There was a hunter doing 1400 dps.  Why didn’t he get kicked?  /sigh

Jrivlol, this is for you.