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Posted in Gear, Warrior, World of Warcraft with tags , , , on August 14, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Being that I’m very busy today, I don’t have time for a real meaty post, but I did want to put an update out there.

I am now the proud owner of Marrowstrike.  Funny how that works out isn’t it?  Yesterday I discovered that Marrowstrike was actually better for me than Edge of Ruin, after I had passed on Marrowstrike the previous day!  Then last night Marrowstrike drops and I get it.

I have been so single-minded in my pursuit of a 2-handed upgrade that I don’t even know what to do with myself now.  I suppose I should bust it out in some pvp.  My arena partner is gone to GenCon, but I can definitely hit up some BGs.

Now to work on Kered’s weapons.


Marrowstrike Versus Edge of Ruin

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or…I passed on the better weapon

A couple posts ago I posted a comparison between Ironsoul, the 2-handed Mace out of Ulduar and Edge of Ruin, the 2-handed Axe out of Heroic Trial of the Champion.

Okay, so I missed a tiny little fact.  Marrowstrike drops from the same instance.  Marrowstrike is a Polearm with Agility, Stamina, Attack Power, Crit and Armor Penetration.

Let’s be specific, shall we?

Edge of Ruin (iLevel 219)  212.3 DPS, 3.5 Speed, 594 – 892 Damage

121 Strength, 97 Stamina, 76 Armor Penetration and 62 Critical Strike Rating.

Marrowstrike (iLevel 219) 212.3 DPS, 3.5 Speed, 594 – 892 Damage

106 Agility, 101 Stamina, 154 Attack Power, 60 Armor Penetration and 57 Critical Strike Rating.

Oh, Marrowstrike also has a yellow socket with a +4 Agility socket bonus.

Which is better?

According to Landsoul’s Warrior DPS Spreadsheet, which can be found at, Marrowstrike is better for both Arms and Fury!  (I’m a newb, you can’t DW polearms as Fury)

At least, at my level of gear, which is a mix of Naxx10 & Ulduar10.

For Arms, Marrowstrike offers a 23 point DPS increase and for Fury, Marrowstrike offers a 21 point DPS increase over Edge of Ruin.  In both of the simulations I used a +16 Strength gem in Marrowstrike.  Without the gem, Marrowstrike offers a 6 point DPS increasne for arms and a 3 point DPS loss for Fury.

This is in a buffed environment, with Kings.  It’s about the same with no buffs.

So what do we make of this?

First, I passed on a better weapon than Edge of Ruin, because I was blinded by Edge’s Strength.  In my defense, I was in a pug and specifically asked to be allowed to roll (I was tanking) on Edge at the beginning, but I didn’t mention Marrowstrike.  Why?  Because, quite honestly, I had forgotten about it.  I think I knew, somewhere in the abyss that is my brain that it existed, but I put it out of my head because it was a “Hunter weapon”.

Secondly, yes…this is a Hunter weapon.  If you steal it from a Hunter, they are going to be cranky.  Who is right?  You are.  (If you are a warrior, and you should be)  A melee weapon should always go to the melee class before the ranged class.  That doesn’t mean the Hunters aren’t going to cry foul.

Lastly, keep an open mind.  Strength does not always mean better, as is the case with Marrowstrike.

Oh, just a little warning.  Edge of Ruin, which I haven’t seen yet, drops off of the first boss.  Marrowstrike, which I have, drops off of the Priestess second boss.  Technically, you should have a 50% less chance of seeing Marrowstrike drop than Edge, since you could get the Paladin as the second boss instead of the Priestess.

What this all boils down to is this, if you are toting around the Titansteel Destroyer, grab whichever of these drops first.  If you want to continue gunning for the other, knock yourself out.

The quest for a new 2-hander

Posted in Player vs Player, Raiding, Warrior, World of Warcraft with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on July 29, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

I’ve been splitting my time about 25/75 in WOW lately.  25% of the time, I raid.  The other 75% of the time, I pvp.  I’ve got what I consider a pretty solid starter set going.  I’m 5-piece Hateful gear, Deadly neck, cape, wrists & boots and Wintergrasp belt and trinket.

The only PVP upgrades I’m missing at this point are rings, one trinket and my weapons.  I say weapons half-heartedly because when I say weapons, I mean my ranged weapon.  Sure, I’d pick up an Arena weapon if I managed to get my rating that high, but for now I’m just itching to get my hands on an Ulduar weapon.

Fortunately, my guild is currently downing three bosses in Ulduar who drop 2-handed weapons for me, two of which are on “farm status”.

Ignis drops Relentless Edge.  Relentless Edge is a polearm, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it lacks the STR of other weapons in favor of pure attack power.  This wouldn’t really matter to me in Arena, as I don’t have a pally partner to give me kings.  This thing comes with a crapton of crit, but the speed is a little fast and the topend damage isn’t nearly as high as others.  Still, this is a solid upgrade over the Destroyer.  This weapon would probably be my last choice of upgrades, if I got to choose.

Flame Leviathan drops Ironsoul.  Ironsoul is the easiest Ulduar weapon to get because you have to get by Flame Leviathan just to have a chance at any of the others.  Ironsoul is also a very solid upgrade to my Titansteel Destroyer, packing Armor Pen and a whopping 131 more topend damage.  It loses some AP from Strength, but it has more Stamina and CRIT, which the Destroyer sorely lacks.    Ironsoul would be my second choice of Ulduar upgrades.

Hodir drops Stormedge.  This would probably be my first choice of upgrades.  For PVP, it’s probably not QUITE as good as Ironsoul, but I’m really itching to switch to Axe spec and get that 5% crit chance & damage.  With Axe spec, this thing moves ahead, as the 5% crit would definitely be more than the crit from Ironsoul.  It’s got STR, Stam, Armor Pen & hit.  Hit is usually not the most heavily weighted stat in PVP, but the fact is I’m a little under the 5% hit cap on Randul, so it can’t hurt.

The good news is, I have access to these weapons.  The not so great news is that I’m second in line to pick them up.  (Third if you count hunters for the polearm)  A guildmate is still using the Collosal Skull-Clad Cleaver and DPS is his main raiding spec, so he’ll get dibs over me.

HOWEVER, once one of these drops for him, I’ll be swooping in and getting the tools to take my Arena team to a new level.  Speaking of my arena team, my partner & I went 9 – 1 last night and broke 1,000 rating.  We stopped while we were still fresh, but we weren’t showing any signs of slowing down.  The one loss we had was truly a fluke.  A hunter disengaged, I charged to get the killing blow and he just happened to disengage on top of the pillar in the Orgrimmar Arena as it was going up.  There’s no possible way he planned that.  RNG strikes and kills.

On a side note, as I said above, DG has killed Hodir.  Thanks for playing, please come again.

Tank Fight of the Week: Maexxna

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This week I’m going to talk about techniques for tanking the Naxxramas boss Maexxna.  Maexxna is the final boss in the Arachnid Quarter, and she is something of a beast.

Let me clarify this by saying that the Arachnid Quarter is the first quarter of Naxx my 10-man group cleared.  Maexxna was the third Naxx boss we downed on our first night in Naxx.  You would think she’d be easy-mode, right?  Not so much.

We’ve now cleared Naxxramas, taken Kel’Thuzad down three or four times and Maex can still be a big giant 8-legged pain when our group composition isn’t just right.


  • Web Wrap – Cast 20 seconds after engaging, and every 40 seconds after that. Sends 1 player straight to the western web wall, encasing them in a cocoon and incapacitating them. When encased, the player takes 2,475 to 3,025 damage every 2 seconds. The cocoon can be destroyed from the outside.
  • Web Spray – Cast every 40 seconds, incapacitating everyone for 6 seconds, and dealing 1,750 to 2,250 Nature damage. This ability cannot be resisted.
  • Poison Shock – Does 3500 to 4500  Nature damage in a 15 yard frontal cone.  Everyone but the tank should stay behind Maexxna.
  • Necrotic Poison- Poison effect that reduces healing taken by 90% for 30 seconds.  Having someone that can remove poisons helps immensely with this poison.
  • Frenzy – At 30% health, Maexxna will Frenzy, increasing attack speed and damage done by 50%.  Tanks & Healers should be ready for this.
  • Spider Spawn – Cast 30 seconds after engaging, and every 40 seconds after that. 8-10 Maexxna Spiderlings are spawned.  They spawn underneath Maexxna.  These need to be aoe’d down.

As a Warrior, when pulling Maexxna I charge in, and then do a 180 and back her to the wall opposite the raid.  This allows me to be the only person getting hit by the Poison Shock.

Here is your list of priorities for tanking Maexxna.

  1. Live through the web wrap.
  2. Hold threat.
  3. Keep Maexxna faced away from the raid.

That’s it folks.  I’ve already explained how to position her.  Holding threat is the same as any other tanked encounter.  So now, the rest of this article will be about living through that horrible web wrap.

I’m going to be honest here, DBM is necessary for this fight.  Sure, you could count it off or use a timer to know when she’s going to web-wrap, but to make it easier on yourself, someone needs to have DBM.

I don’t normally talk about how to heal on this blog, because it’s not my thing.  However, if you are the one calling out Web Wraps you need to know what is going to happen.  Using DBM,  I see when a web wrap is coming.  I call out in Ventrilo at 10 seconds and 5 seconds.  The 10 second call out is basically a heads up for the healers.  The 5 second call out is a call to action.

When I make that 5 second call, my healers are springing into action.  I get shielded by my disc priest and hotted by anyone who can.  This helps to live through the Web Wrap, when they can’t heal me.

As the tank, at this point I do something that I honestly have no clue whether it helps or not.  I live more when I do it.  So that’s a pro.  I’ve heard that it doesn’t help, so that’s a conn.

Bottom line, it doesn’t HURT to do it, and it might help.  What do I do?  At 2-3 seconds before the Web Spray I hit Shield Wall.  Can I block while incapacitated?  I honestly don’t know.  It seems to keep me alive though, so I would suggest you do it too.

Maybe I’m blocking while incapacitated.  Maybe I’m blocking the first hit when I come out of incapacitation.  Whatever it is I’m doing, I’ve found that I live through this fight doing this.  When I don’t do it, I don’t.

The only other thing you need to remember is Maexxna’s Frenzy.  This happens at 30% health.  At this point the dps should be going all out and right before the first Web Spray during the Frenzy, hit your Oh Crap! button.  Shield Wall, Trinkets, Last Stand, whatever it takes.  Frenzy, plus no heals = OUCH.

That’s it, that’s Maexxna.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to talk about a newer boss, such as Razorscale.

3.1 and My 2 Specs

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First things first….YAY!  I am so excited about 3.1.  Other than expansion patches, this patch has been the most exciting for me so far, and it’s easy to see why.

  • Dual-Specs!  This is the grandaddy of all the patch information for me.
  • Ulduar!  This is the first time I’ve ever been raiding when a patch came out, so I’m excited.
  • The Argent Tournament!  Two words…White Hippogryph!  It’s actually called the Argent Hippogryph, but it’s SWEET!
  • That’s enough right there, but let’s throw the Arms changes in for fun!

I logged on at 9:00 p.m. last night as soon as I could and the first thing I did was buy dual-spec.  Unfortunately, the Armory seems to be malfunctioning, so I can’t link my armory to show my specs, but I can link them on a talent calculator.

For my primary spec, I stuck with Protection.  I’m good at it, and my guild needs me.  I did change my spec a little since I had a free respec.  We are going into Ulduar, unknown content.  That means I should be concentrating on survivability.  I went with a (5/8/58) spec with has a LOT of survivability options from the Protection tree.  Things I don’t always take, but did this time were Improved Spell Reflect, 5/5 Shield Specialization and Improved Disciplines.

For my secondary spec, I’m thrilled to say I went Arms.  I tried to concentrate on PVE dps, but I did take a few talents that are kind of PVP specific.  HOWEVER, they were in the bottom two tiers of the Arms tree, where pickings are slim in my opinion anyway.  I went with a (56/15/0) spec.

My hardest decision was taking Sword Spec.  I currently have the Titansteel Destroyer AND the Sword of Justice.  Typically you would think the epic Destroyer would beat out the blue Sword of Justice, but I’m not so sure.  The Sword is slower, which is good for Arms and the weapon damage is higher, which is good for Arms.  I lose some Strength and therefore Attack Power by not using the Destroyer, but I gain a ton of Crit.  It was a tough decision, and I hope I chose the correct one.

So there you have it.  A quickie post on what I did last night with my very limited playtime due to the maintenance going FOREVER.

Starting To Get Excited

Posted in Warrior with tags , , , , , on April 6, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Patch 3.1 is coming, and with it…dual-specs!

As you should most definitely know, I am a tank.  I love tanking.  I love being that last wall between the life and death of my entire raid.  It’s a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility, but I dig it.

HOWEVER, I also love Arms!  The Arms tree has fascinated me since I knew there was such at thing as multiple trees.  I imagine the concept of the Arms tree goes something like this.  A warrior using his weapon, with which he has trained for years, with utmost precision to damage his foe.  I will make you BLEED, and then capitalize off of your weakness!

So yeah, my dual-specs are going to be Protection and Arms.  I have two thoughts on the subject really.  I will either go full on PVE dps Arms or a PVE/PVP hybrid Arms.

My PVE Arms spec looks a little something like this.  I opted to go mace spec because I happen to have a Titansteel Destroyer already made.  If I could get that axe from Heroic Halls of Lightning I’d go axe spec for sure.  In all honesty, as far as dps goes this is a better Arms weapon since it’s slower, but the stats on the Destroyer are just beautiful.

My PVE/PVP hybrid spec looks like this.  I’m essentially trading Commanding Presence for Improved Hamstring and Second Wind.  I’m also trading 2 points in Improved Execute for a point in Tactical Mastery and Piercing Howl.  The loss in AP from Commanding can be overcome from other buffs so it’s not a huge issue.  The loss of improved execute, while sucky, just can’t be helped.  Second Wind and Improved Hamstring are just too important for pvp.

I’m already sitting with the 1,000 gold in my bank, so it’s just a matter of the patch coming out and I’m ready to roll.  Next time you see Randul the Dwarf, watch out!  I might be a walking fortress, or I might be a spinning ball of death.  You wanna take the chance?

Naxxramas, Day 2

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In my last post I talked about day 1 of our weekend Naxxramas run.  As promised, here is what happened on day 2.

We lost some folks from day one, so we had to pick up a few more pugs.  Our group composition was Prot Pally (MT), Prot Warrior (OT), Holy Priest x2, Resto Shaman, Shadow Priest, Death Knight x2, Feral Druid  & Warlock.

We had a fury warrior group up, but then saw our tanks’ HP and dropped group.  Apparently 26 & 27k HP unbuffed wasn’t enough for his idea of a good 10-man Nax run.  I will say this, any problems we had weren’t due to poor tank stats.

We finally get our group together and head in.

Gothic the Harvester, down in 3 attempts.

Our strategy was to seperate into 2 groups on each side.  The live side (easy side) consisted of me (Prot Warrior),  one of the Holy Priests, the Feral Druid and both Death Knights.  The dead side consisted of the Prot Pally, the other Holy Priest, the Resto Shaman, the Warlock & the Shadow Priest.

First attempt, our raid leader forgot to tell the live group to slow down dps and the dead group got overwhelmed.  Second attempt, the raid leader did tell us to slow down, but we still did too much damage and the dead side got overwhelmed.  Finally, we threw one of our Death Knights into the dead side giving them 6 players and our side 4.  Our side ALMOST got overwhelmed, but we managed and took down Gothic.

Next up, the Four Horsemen, down in 3 attempts.

We had some weird stuff happen on this fight.  In the first attempt two fresh tanks who hadn’t done the fight before both turned and ran from their targets during the switch.  This resulted in pwnage from behind, which wiped the raid.

In the second attempt, I was pulling Thane Korth’azz, while the Prot Pally was supposed to pull Rivendare.  I used Heroic Throw to pull, our Pally used Avenger’s Shield.  The problem arose when Avenger’s Shield missed.  Apparently, instead of causing threat on Rivendare, it scared the crap out of him, because he took off toward the back of the room, wiping the raid.

Finally, on the third attempt we took them out.  Our strategy was to put the main tank on Rivendare, the off tank on Korth’azz, a Holy Priest on one of the ones in the back and the druid on the other.  When we got to 3 stacks of the debuff they put on us, we would switch.  The MT & OT would switch and the Holy Priest & Druid would switch.  This occured repeatedly until people started dropping.

Next up, the Plague Quarter and Noth the Plaguebringer.  Noth was a piece of cake one-shot.  Our strategy, for my part, was pretty simple.  Tank the crap out of Noth and then help with adds when Noth teleported away.  Our Prot Pally was on add duty while Noth was in the mix.  This fight was actually so easy that we 8-manned it because one of our healers and one of our Death Knights got stuck outside the room.  There was probably more to the fight that healers, dpsers and debuffers had to worry about, but I’m a tank and I stick to what I need to know to do my tanking.

The last boss we attempted was Heigan the Unclean.  I’m sorry to say we did not down him.  We had had a long day with a few wipes, so we decided to call it after a couple attempts with Heigan.  I think we’ll be fine once we get used to where the slime comes up out of the ground.  Unfortunately, only a couple people had been there so there were a lot of errors in the fight.

I did manage to get Slayer of the Lifeless from Gothic.  It was quite an upgrade over the Infantry Assault Blade I had been using from Heroic Utgarde Keep.

My next post will either be about Northend Dungeon Elders, which we achieved for Beatris or my horrible experience healing a regular Halls of Stone run on my wife’s character.

I haven’t said this in previous posts, but I would really appreciate any comments people may have on my posts.  I know some people are viewing this stuff and I’d love to hear what you have to say.