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WOW, What a Weekend!

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This weekend was quite possibly one of the biggest in my WOW gaming career.  Okay, so it’s not a career, but you get the idea.  I’ll open up with the big news, albeit only slightly bigger than the other news.  (To me!)

Kered the Kingslayer

That’s right, my ragtag band of merry men (and women) the Dinner Goat crew finally killed the Lich King.  We started raiding as a group in Wrath with Naxxramas and followed through all the way to the Lich King.  We certainly had some bumps and bruises along the way, but the bottom line is we did it!

Grats go out to Jamason, Waspblood, Hoofz, Lissik, Emalie, Koffka, Kalisen, Gruffee, Tolzer and, of course, Kered for owning the Lich King in the face!

The true beauty of the moment was that we did it ourselves.  We didn’t recruit anyone to the guild for the purpose of successful raids.  No one left to go find a raid group that was more skilled.  A group of friends managed to achieve our ultimate goal for the expansion.

While it was a great moment, it was bittersweet as well, for a few reasons.

  1. My wife, Beatris, did not get in on the kill.  She’s been having a very hard time raiding lately, as our son is rarely asleep by the time the raids start.  So my happiness was mixed with sadness for her missing the event.
  2. I didn’t even know what was happening!  I was in Frostmourne when we hit 10% and thought we had wiped.  I knew what was going to happen, but without actually seeing the LK’s lifebar I really thought something had gone south.
  3. Not that this is the most important thing to me, far from it, but there was not even the possibility of loot for me.  You see, I am a Dual Wield Death Knight, and that’s the ONLY spec that 10-man Lich King doesn’t have a weapon for.  Stupid?  I agree.  Of course, the 2-hander dropped, but I didn’t even roll against our Retadin for it.  That would have been quite douchy.

So now our goal is to get all the folks in the guild who missed the kill, but are geared and experienced enough to go in, their Kingslayer title.

Calduin hits 80!

A little background on this will explain why it is pretty monumental in it’s own right.  Calduin was my second WOW character, and first Alliance character.  My first character was a Troll named Kakascha, but I quickly migrated to the Alliance side and created Calduin.

I leveled Calduin to about 30 before I even created another Alliance character, but he was pretty much backburnered at that point.  Not one, not two, but three characters who were all created after Calduin hit 80 before he did.

Poor Calduin sat unfinished at the end of TBC.  A lowly level 67 when 70 was the cap.  /frown  Finally, however, he is at his level cap.  Finally, he has seen some endgame.  (He was in a 10-man ToC last night)  Finally…Calduin has his day.  This is completely true, as he is the character I am playing most, and plan on playing the most right now.

So congratulations to Calduin, my Night Elf Hunter.  You truly got me interested in this game, but over the months and years I had forgotten you.  I ask now, that you serve me well as you did so long ago.  In return, I promise to acquire phat lewtz for you and get you achievements.  I cannot promise you the coveted Kingslayer title, as you are just too poorly geared, but I will work hard to make sure you are ready come Cataclysm.

Having said that, there’s no way Calduin will be my first or even second player to level in Cataclysm.  Those spots are already taken by characters that bring DPS AND utility, such as the Warrior, DK or Shaman.  I will level you though, Calduin, and you will see 85 before the next-next expansion comes out!


Oops! Here are your achievements!

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I logged in after church last night just to check mail and see who was on.  My wife decides to get on Facebook for a little bit, so I think to myself, “What the heck, I’ll run a random.”

I log onto my Death Knight Kered and queue as DPS.  I just didn’t feel like tanking last night.  I sit in the queue for about 3 minutes and a dungeon pops.  Hey, that was fast!

I zone into Drak’Theron Keep and I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with the situation.  No, there isn’t anything I can use in that dungeon, but it should be decently quick and stress free.  Turns out I was right.  We had good dps, a good tank, and no one died, so I’m assuming the healer was solid.

I get the Consumption Junction achievement and the Heroic Drak’Theron Keep achievement.  Who knew I hadn’t run DTK?  I certainly didn’t.

I zone back into Dalaran and the wife is still on her computer so I throw caution to the wind and run another random.  I zone into Halls of Stone……..AGH!  I hate this instance.  It’s not that it’s that hard, it’s just annoying to me.  I feel the same way about Occulus.  Not hard, just annoying.  I’m not the type to zone in and drop though, so I decide to give it a shot.

The tank, healer & ret pally were “ok”.  Nothing exceptional, but not bad either.  The mage there was actually geared appropriately, so they could use stuff from the bosses.  I have no problem with that, it’s what Heroics are for.

We wiped a couple times on stupid things.  The ret somehow managed to aggro the rock boss from half an instance away and he walked over and owned our faces while we were fighting trash.  The warrior tank didn’t los pull a couple groups of adds, so we ended up with 3 groups of adds casting chain lightning at us, wipe.  I’m pretty sure there was another one, but I can’t remember how it went down now.  On the last one the wife had gone to bed and I was seriously contemplating dropping group, but I decided to stick it out.

We down the Maiden and I get the achievement.  Nifty, I was surprised I hadn’t got it already.  We do the Brann encounter and get the achievement.  Cool.

We get to the last boss and everyone dies but the healer, and yet we somehow manage to drop him.  DING DING DING DING DING!  Uh, what?

Apparently I had never run HoS before either.  I get the regular HoS achievement, the Heroic HoS achievement, the Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement, the Looking for More achievement AND the Champion of the Frozen Wastes achievement/title!  Pretty sure I got a stonekeepers shard achievement there too, there was some sick achievement spam.

So grats to me, for 1) actually playing my DK and 2) sticking out a mediocre group to get some unexpected achievements.

What are your goals?

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Smart001 over at That is Amazing (WoW)! has a sidebar on his blog with his character’s “to-do” list.  Seeing his list got me thinking about what my goals are, for Randul and myself as a player.

Randul’s Goals

  • Get the Argent Hippogryph.  This is just a great goal.  I’m only about 8 days from having this, but I’ll probably go for a couple of pets as well.  The reason this is a great goal is that it actually supports some of my other goals, such as…
  • Get the Albino Drake – I have a long way to go on this one, and the cost of buying all the mounts to get him interferes with some of my other goals.  Such as…
  • Get a Mekgineer’s Chopper.  The 12.5k gold cost of the things you simply have to buy from a vendor is outrageous.  I don’t see this happening soon, but it’s just embarrassing watching my wife jump into Fandark’s Chopper whenever she gets the chance.
  • Get a full epic pvp set.  I was big into pvp before Wrath came out.  I had every intention of leveling fast so I could get into level 80 pvp on the ground floor.  Turns out, things don’t always go as planned.  I do have one piece of epic 80 pvp gear though!  /proud  A guildmate mentioned doing some pvp and arena last night though, so this one could work itself out.
  • Get exalted with Sha’tari Skyguard.  This will allow me to spend MORE money to get a Nether Ray and a Nether Ray Fry.  Although I’ll be spending money, getting these will help with my other achievements, so I guess it works itself out.
  • Get the Champion of the Frozen Waste achievement.  I only need Heroic Culling of Stratholme (already did it once) and Malygos to complete this one.  It’s a matter of taking the time more than the ability to finish this.
  • and now the big one…Clear Ulduar.  I’m not being too greedy, I just want to clear 10-man Ulduar.  I think my guild has a great shot at this, and I really hope to clear it before the next major raid comes out.  I think we will.

Now for a few player goals

  • Level Calduin, my Hunter to 80.  I don’t foresee me doing any real DPS on him, especially in raids, but the sooner I get him to 80 the sooner the wife will have her Hunter at 80, which is a good thing.  She needs some variety.
  • Level a class that can heal to 80.  I’m not picky.  I’ll take ANY class that can heal.  It’s the only thing I don’t have at high level.  Right now it looks like the winner will be my level 33 Shaman, since the next highest level heal-capable character is a Paladin who is level 20.  He’s also on Undermine, so I’d have to pay 25 bucks to transfer him.  Another detterent.

There you have it.  My WoW-related goals.  Some goals you might be thinking I’d have that are similar to these, I’ve already accomplished.  I have my Netherdrake and am exalted with all of the Alliance factions.  I’ve cleared Naxxramas as well.  Those would have been on that list otherwise.

What are your goals, as a character and a player?

Three down, 1.5 to go and other raid musings

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This weekend Dinner Goat rolled into raiding a little differently.  We only did VoA on Friday, because 3 of our raiders went to see Watchmen.  We entered the raid with 15 minutes left on the timer and we 8-manned it.  I’m not trying to say we are awesome, but we are.

Saturday we did OS with no trouble, as usual and meandered on over to Nax.  We only had 8 people at this point as well, but we decided to go ahead with it as we were going to work on Heigan today and didn’t want any whiny puggers bringing us down.

We actually had a little trouble 8-manning the stone gargoyle 2-pulls that heal if your dps doesn’t burn them down after a certain point.  We were using 2 healers, 2 tanks and 4 dps, so our dps was one entire person short on this pull.  We wiped once, but after that we came back and owned them like nobody’s business.  I think we weren’t taking it seriously the first try.

We got to Noth and while the adds were cumbersome, we were able to beat him without wiping.  Up the gauntlet we go, with no issue and we get to Heigan.  Heigan has been a block for us at least twice, maybe three times.  All those times we had puggers that were getting whiny so we called after a couple wipes.

As it turns out, the DG crew was tired of Heigan laughing at us, cause we freaking OWNED the Safety Dance and all was right with the world.  It’s hard to describe Heigan, so if you want to see it done check out one of the many Heigan video kills on Youtube.

After Heigan we called it before going onto Loatheb.  We had just enough time to do Loatheb, but we didn’t want to bring a pug in for one boss so we decided to start on Loatheb on Sunday Afternoon.

Enter Sunday afternoon.

Once again we started out with 8 people.  Two of those 8 were puggers, as one of our normal crew was on Malygos on her other character and the other normal guy was playing in a Lacrosse game.

On our first attempt at 8-manning Loatheb we wiped.  Our Raid composition was 2 healers, 2 tanks & 4 dps.  After the first Loatheb wipe our Malygos runner got on her lock and one of our dps (Ret Pally) switched to his Resto Shaman.  We owned Loatheb this time around.  Apparently having 3 healers makes Loatheb a pansy.

The trick to Loatheb is he has a debuff that lasts 17 out of every 20 seconds.  While that debuff is up, no one in the raid can be healed.  This means all healing has to be done in a 3 second window every 20 seconds.  Having never done this before, I was nervous, but our healers were up to the task.  Loatheb also spawns little dancing spores.  When you are near a spore that dies, you get a huge crit buff.  I think it gives 100% to crit or something disgusting like that and it also gives you no threat.  So really, if the healers are on the ball during that 3 seconds and everyone (except the tank at first, he can get it later down the line) gets the crit buff, Loatheb is easy loot.

Speaking of easy loot, I got my Tier 7 Shoulders off of Loatheb.

After Loatheb we went over to the Spider Wing because we got that crap on farm right?

Eh, I spazzed out on Anub’Rekhan.    He shot me up into the air right as his Locust Swarm started, so I was already a little off my game.  I ran into the wall trying to get away from him, which slowed me down a little as well.  So he was already hitting me in the back before I was halfway around the slime.  In my effort to turn (to avoid taking back-hits) I fell in the slime.  We wiped at this point.

After that, however, I was back into my normal groove and he fell like a ton of bricks.  At this point, our Lacrosse guy finally showed up so we finally got our tenth for the raid.  He is our main tank, so I went back to being the OT and our PUG OT went to dps as he was a death knight tank and they can put out some decent DPS.

We owned Grand Widow Faerlina, as we usually do, and got to Maexxna.  I mean, we’ve got Maexxna on farm, right?  RIGHT?!  /sigh  Not so much.  Our DPS was just too low.  At this point our raid composition had turned to 3 healers, 2 tanks, 1 tank dpsing and 4 dps.  So not only was our DPS too low, but I was having trouble picking up Maex’s adds.  Rage starvation sucks in this fight.

So what do we do?  We call super-Kered, that’s who.  I decided to go ahead and let the DK go back to off tanking and I went and got my DPS Death Knight.  With my added dps (I put out around 2500 for the fight) we dropped her and much loot was had by all.  Well…not much loot, but some loot.

Our last fight of the day was Razuvious.  Since the Death Knight tank had never done this fight before, I went ahead and took one of the MC roles on Kered.  We lost some DPS, but I know how it’s done and it’s just easier if people know how to do it.  It went smoothly and we beat him.

My Achievements!

Yeah, it’s an armory pic, but it’s what I’ve got.  If you look closely you’ll see I’ve highlighted the name Randul in the address bar.  So, for those keeping score, Dinner Goat has now cleared 3 wings of Naxxramas.  The Plague Wing, the Spider Wing and the Military Wing.  All that’s left is the Abomination wing.  I can’t wait until we get our next run at Patchwerk.

If nothing else, we will have Abomination down next weekend.  We’ll have cleared all the wings, just not necessarily in the same week.

Dungeon Elderfest, 2009

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Let me state this clearly. I, Randul the Dwarf, don’t seek out achievements. Achievements, however, seek me out. How? They have the perfect conduit for grabbing hold of me, my wife.

The wife is a bit of an achievement junkie. Sure, I like to see the little window pop up and make a fun noise, but I don’t really make an attempt to get them. Beatris ran all over creation attempting to get two achievements this past couple weeks.

She is going for Elder and Explorer. Explorer she has attained, this was accomplished mostly by running around getting all the elders in the world at large.

Now the hard part has come and I’ve been sucked into the fray. She needs the dungeon elders.

Yesterday we did the old world dungeons. We started in Ironforge, went to Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Stratholme, Sunken Temple, Maraudon and Zul’Farrak.

The BRD elder is right in the middle of the ring of law. You zone in and go straight into the big room with the dwarves with dogs. From here you go in a northerly direction to go directly into the ring of law. You’ll see the exclamation point before you get there. The event will start, but you can leave easily enough.

The Blackrock Spire elder is in LBRS. You go under the “overpass” when you first zone in and then hang a right at the second right. You go down some steps and hang a left. You follow this path until you cross a bridge and he’s on the other side of that bridge. Then you leave! Good times.

Strat is through the main entrance, down the main avenue and then take a left when you get to the point where you have to go left or right. Then go up and around. You are kind of making a crescent-shaped path once you start going left. You’ll have to fight some stuff to do him, but it’s all pretty easy.

The ST elder is left when you first zone in. You’ll go up some stairs and then take another left. She’ll be in an alcove to the left. Easy to spot, easy to get to. It’s really harder to find the entrance to the instance than it is to get to the elder.

After ST, we went to booty bay and headed to ratchet. From ratchet we flew to Maraudon and used the princess’ portal to get in. This takes you about halfway through the instance, just south of celebras. You basically make your way to the princess, jump into the water and take a ramp out of the water opposite the princess. Head right around the ramp and you’ll find the elder.

Finally, we headed south and got to Zul’farrak. This one is pretty easy as well. You enter the zone, and when you come to the option of left or right, you go left. Follow the path until you hit Gahz’s pool. The elder is there.

After a couple posts about Naxxramas, I’ll talk about our quest for the Northrend Dungeon Elders.