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What to do…what to do?

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , on October 6, 2010 by Randul the Dwarf

I don’t know if anyone reads this anymore, but if you are out there (you know who you are) I need help!  I have absolutely ZERO idea of what to do when Cataclysm drops.  Who am I going to level?  One thing I should make clear, I am leveling two characters concurrently.  This isn’t a desire thing, it’s a necessity thing.  I will level one character with my beautiful wife and one character solo when she isn’t playing.  Odds are my solo character will hit 85 first.

Options, they are many

I’ll take these in the order they hit 80, just for some semblance of neutrality.

Randul:  Randul is my tank/dps, in that order.  It doesn’t look like I’m going to be needed for tanking duty in Cataclysm raiding, but Randul is my “main”.  I’m not a HUGE fan of Warrior dps, but I could do it.  Honestly, if Randul gets leveled it will be as a tank when necessary and not for dps.  PVP is still a viable options though, since I have the most experience pvping with an Arms Warrior.

Kered:  Kered is my DPS/Tank.  I would most definitely level him first, if it weren’t for the pesky fact that Randul has always been my main character.  Randul is my achievement guy.  However, if I’m going to be dpsing, this is the character I want to do it on.  Right now, my raid role looks to be dps or…

Daenaran: The healer/dps.  The guild is somewhat short on healers at this point, so I may be required to level Dae just so we’ll be able to raid.  It really depends on how many raid groups we try to put together.  If we only do one, I probably won’t need to heal.  If we try to put two together, I most definitely will be.

Lastly, Calduin.  The last character to hit 80.  I leveled him partly because I was bored and partly because we needed someone who brought replenishment to the raid.  Well, I won’t be bored and in Cataclysm Survival Hunters will no longer bring replenishment, so the incentive just isn’t there at this point.

Any opinions out there?  Should I stick with history and level Randul first?  I CAN dps on him and he’ll always be available as a tank if needed.  Maybe I should start anew and level Kered first?  I like dpsing on him more, and he’d be available as a tank as well.  I know I will be leveling Dae, but what about the other project?  Randul or Kered?  Kered or Randul?  I just can’t decide.



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Looks like Cataclysm is coming out on December 7, according to mmo-champion.  The funny thing about this is that we should have/could have seen this coming a long time ago.

People have been arguing like cats and dogs about when Cataclysm is going to drop.  Early November, late November, early December, late December even January has been tossed around as a possibility.

Check this excerpt from a post on The Wowhead Blog, which is quoting the Gnomeregan invasion page on the Blizzard site.

Speaking to a small conglomerate of various Alliance representatives, Mekkatorque pointed out that the time to strike is now. After all, Thermaplugg has eluded death for years to keep his reign over Gnomeregan; and with the fall of the Lich King, the last great threat to the citizens of Azeroth, the chance of any cataclysmic event taking place in the foreseeable future is “less than 12.7%,” Mekkatorque’s leading combat medical advisor Doc Cogspin purported.

As I said, unbelievable.  How we missed it is beyond me.  Not only has that been out there, but I remember reading it!  Nice one Blizzard!

Could they really have known at that time that they were going to release on December 7th?  Is it just a Pearl Harbor reference?  Conspiracy theorists unite…but not all in one place, they are watching.

Death Knight Tanking in Cataclysm

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A bit of a depature from the norm today, rather than talk about the normal Warrior stuff, I’m going to talk a little about Death Knights.

My primary alt, who is quickly becoming more of a secondary main is Kered, a Death Knight.  He is dual-specced, DW Frost and Unholy Tank.  After reading an article over at entitled Lichborne: What Cataclysm might mean for Death Knights, I decided to throw my opinion into the ring.

The author talks about each of the upcoming changes individually, but the one I really want to talk about is his take on Defense going the way of the dodo.  The devs stated that tanks will receive their crit reduction in the way of talents, much like Bear Druids do.  He has a problem with what this could mean for DKs, in that it could mean DKs have to pick one talent tree for tanking.

My question is, why is this a bad thing?  Every other tanking class in the game has to pick one tree to tank, why shouldn’t DKs?  Originally the developers wanted to try this new heroic class that could do any of the class roles from any talent tree, but I think they probably found this wasn’t the best situation.

I suggest picking a tree and making it the tanking tree.  This would actually be unfortunate for me, as my preferred dps tree is Frost, which would likely be the tanking tree.

The other option available is to make the crit reduction talent on the first tier of one of the trees.  I think that makes it too easy for any tree to get it for pvp though, which would be kind of a big deal.

One of the commenters suggested changing Stoneskin Gargoyle from +25 Defense & some Stamina to -6% Critical Strike chance.  I think, if they want to continue with any tree for any role, this is probably the best solution.  It severely limits what enchants a Death Knight can have on their weapon, but it does what folks want it to do.

Additionally, a note on Dual Wield Frost

A few people have been getting to my site by searching the terms, Reaper of Dark Souls for Dual Wield Frost.  To answer your question, yes…get those weapons if you don’t want to buy the Titansteel Bonecrusher.  As far as purchasable weapons, they are really good.  They are pretty well itemized and they aren’t too expensive.

If you can get your hands on the Titansteel Bonecrusher, it’s quite a bit better as a mainhand.  The Bonecrusher is Main Hand only, so you’ll need something for your offhand even if you get it.  The Reaper of Dark Souls is good for this at least.

When I first went DW Frost I went with dual wielding two Reapers.  After that I did Heroic Trial of the Champion until I managed to get my grubby hands on Aledar’s Battlestar.  I probably would have got a Bonecrusher, but my guild was using Titansteel to make epic gems.

Right now I’m main-handing the Battlestar and offhanding the Reaper.  I have in my possession Maexxna’s Femur and Hatestrike which, according to Rawr, are very slightly better than the Reaper, but I’m digging the Reaper’s hit.  I’ll probably keep the Reaper until I can get my hands on Razorscale Talon or another Battlestar.

Oh and btw, Dual Wield Frost is VERY fun.  Love it.

Cataclysm: Stat Simplification

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The first topic I’m going to tackle this week is the huge change to gear itemization for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the third expansion of World of Warcraft.

According to the Class, Items and Profession Panel at BlizzCon, stats on items are going to be greatly simplified.  Here are the major points:

  • Attack Power will be gone.  Instead, Attack Power will come from stats such as Strength and Agility.  In addition, Agility will grant Druids, Rogues, Hunters & Shaman 2 Attack Power per point of Agility, much like Strength does for plate wearing classes now.
  • Spell Power will be gone.  Spell power will now come from Intelligence, as will mana pool.
  • MP5, gone.  Mana Regeneration will now come from Spirit and all classes will get a Meditation-like ability.
  • Defense, axed.  Anti-crit will now come from talents like the Druid’s Survival of the Fittest.
  • Armor Penetration, bye bye.  Apparently this stat was too confusing.  Will be replaced by “Mastery”, a stat that “makes you better at what you do”.
  • Haste will be changed to increase the rate at which you regen rage, energy, focus & runes.
  • Block Value will go the way of the dodo.  Blocks will not block a percentage of the damage.
  • More Stamina for EVERYONE.

My Thoughts

Honestly, I go back and forth depending on the moment I’m in.  On the one hand, this is dumbing the game down.  There can be no doubt that this is the case.  When you reduce the number of things players have to think about when gearing, that is by definition dumbing the game down.

Now the question I have to ask myself is whether or not that is a bad thing.  Does it matter to me that Joe Idiot will have no doubt which of his items is an upgrade with no thought whatsoever?  Not so much, no.  I will say that I do enjoy thinking about gear and deciding which item is better.  So that kind of sucks.  I like a little complexity, even though I can recognize that things were getting a little too complex.

These changes won’t be much of a stretch for anyone that leveled.  As I was leveling, the amount of gear I saw that had extra attributes (like Attack Power, Spell Power, etc) was very small.  Most gear, when leveling, has primary attributes such as STR, AGI, & STA.  I saw a LOT of those items as a Warrior leveling up.  Did I have fun with that gear?  Sure.  It was just as exciting to see an item that took a huge jump in those attributes as it is to see an item with a lot more ArPen now.  In fact, it may have been more exciting.

I said this in guild chat the other night, and I’ll say it again.  I’m not going to preemptively quit the game over itemization changes.  I’ll give it a shot and see what I think.  In fact, I probably wouldn’t quit the game over itemization changes ever.  Lack of things to do and bugs are what would drive me to quit.

Questions Going Forward

What about other tanking statistics like Dodge, Parry, Hit & Expertise?  Will they hang around or be rolled into other stats?  Agility already grants dodge for everyone and Strength grants Parry for Death Knights.  There’s no reason why they couldn’t roll that into Paladins & Warriors.

As for Hit and Expertise, I’m not so sure.  In one Q&A I’ve read they state that hit-granting talents will likely be removed.  Does that mean hit as a whole will be removed or just those talents?

In my opinion, Expertise is nearly as confusing as ArPen.  Will it be gone or will we just have to deal with bosses dodging and parrying us?  Or, will bosses no longer dodge and parry from behind?

In my humble opinion, the main thing we can take out of this weekend is that we still know very little, at least mechanics-wise.  It’s time to take a wait and see attitude and…well…wait and see.

Information Overload

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BlizzCon happened this weekend and a ton of information is flying around.  I’ll be spending some time today getting up to date, and then I’ll be back with a post with my thoughts.


I currently have 27 articles to read to get even remotely caught up.  That doesn’t include my other blogs & forums I read.  Here’s the thing about, they have a LOT of opinion and a lot of it is wrong on their blog.  However, that’s okay, it’s a blog.  I will say this though, they definitely get the information out there when BlizzCon is going on.

With that much information, getting a post out today could be a stretch.  I’m going to try though!  My plan is to break all of the information into five juicy bits and have five nice posts this week.  Wish me luck.

This is what I get for not staying in the loop on weekends.