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Edge of Ruin vs Marrowstrike…really?

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Administrative Note:  I wanted to get on a schedule of Monday, Wednesday & Friday posts, but I was sick yesterday and therefore no post.  I will try to get one out tomorrow and stick to that schedule.

I was looking into terms people searched to get to my site, and was shocked to see that people are STILL debating which is better…Edge of Ruin or Marrowstrike.  While that debate was interesting in it’s time, it is no longer relevant and I’m going to answer the question here and now.


Neither.  Tyrannical Beheader is the way to go.  Yes, it’s a harder instance and yes it’s still Heroic, but if you really want to farm something once every day, farm Heroic Pit of Saron for this weapon.

That’s the easy perfect scenario answer.  This world is rarely a world of perfect scenarios however, so the best answer I can give is, go with what you have.

If you happen to get Heroic ToC and Edge or Marrowstrike drops, roll on it.  (Unless you are a Fury Warrior, in which case do not roll on Marrowstrike.)  If you have Edge of Marrowstrike drops…roll if you aren’t rolling against a Hunter or Druid.  If you want to be nice that is, if you just want the lewtz go for it.

Having said all of that, there is a weapon that is extremely farmable that is comparable to both of these weapons.  Garfrost’s Two-Ton Hammer.  It drops out of NORMAL Pit of Saron and is the same iLevel as Edge and Marrowstrike.   It lacks the Armor Pen of those weapons, but it can have more STR when gemmed properly and is slower, therefore it hits harder.

For Tanking

Now we get into the shady area of Death Knight tanking.  Of the four weapons I’ve mentioned so far, Edge of Ruin and Garfrost’s are out.  Edge really lacks the Stamina and has no gemming option to fix what it lacks.  Garfrost’s has a gem socket, but has lower Stamina than Marrowstrike and lacks all the delicious goodness that Marrowstrike’s agilitly offers.

So that brings us to Marrowstrike & Tyrannical Beheader.  This is one of those gray areas where you have to decide what is more important to you, Stamina or Armor/Avoidance.

Tyrannical Beheader offers more Stamina (when gemmed properly) than Marrowstrike.  36 more Stamina to be exact.  However, Marrowstrike offers a whopping 106 Agility which provides Armor and Dodge.  (I don’t have specific numbers as to how much Armor/Dodge the 106 Agility has at the moment)

Most people would probably go with the Tyrannical Beheader’s Stamina.  Personally, I am using Marrowstrike and TB is sitting in my pack.  More because TB is ungemmed than any actual preference.  I will say this, however, in a primarily magic-based fight, TB will be stronger than Marrowstrike hands down.  In a physical fight, it is really going to depend on your character.

Hope this helps, look for a post with my awesome kid’s picture later today.


The Upgrade that Wasn’t

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When is an upgrade not an upgrade?  When everyone you are competing against gets the exact same upgrade as you.

Imagine if you will, you try and try and try and TRY AND TRY to get an upgrade over your pvp weapon, the Titansteel Destroyer.  The vast majority of people you are pvping against seem to either have the Titansteel Destroyer or the Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver.  You run Ulduar every week hoping Ironsoul or Stormedge will drop.  All of the 2-handed dps in your runs have gotten their upgrades, the only thing standing between you and a massive weapon upgrade is the stupid thing dropping.

Then, the unthinkable happens.  3.2 comes out.  Weapons of the exact same quality (in fact they are better) are dropping in a 5-man Heroic!  Why slam your face against Ulduar droprates when you can just run Heroic Trial of the Champions every day and hope it drops there!

Finally, you get that upgrade you’ve been looking for!  You are ready to go out there and face the world with your awesome new weapon.  You go into Arena and what happens?  Everyone and their stinking brother has done the exact same thing as you.

This is my story.  I’ve tried for months to get my hands on an upgrade to the Titansteel Destroyer so I could go out there and rock the competition.  I’ve run Ulduar, Naxx25 and even a few Naxx10’s in hopes of Death’s Bite dropping.  My luck has been, abysmal.

Finally a shortcut.  Heroic TotC.  So I run it for a week and finally Marrowstrike drops.  I’m happy!  I’m thrilled!  I’m deceived.

Make no mistake about it, Marrowstrike & Edge of Ruin are Titansteel Destroyer 2.0.  These weapons aren’t upgrades if everyone else is using the same weapon!  Sure, if I still had Titansteel Destroyer it would be even worse, but upgrading to Marrowstrike has taken me to the exact same level I was before!  Right next to everyone else!

Now what?  Now I have to find the next upgrade.  Unfortunately the next upgrade is just not very accessible to me.  Taking a look at Rawr, I can see the following weapons would be upgrades for me.

(Listed in reverse order from smallest upgrade to largest)

  • Hoperender – This is attainable for me, but it’s not really an upgrade.  It’s a sidegrade or a downgrade if anything.  Drops off of 10-man General Vezax.
  • Betrayer of Humanity – 25-Man Kel’Thuzad.  Easy enough to get KT down, but there are always 409817984174098 2-handed DPSers gunning for this weapon.  Plus it’s not a huge upgrade, as it only has 19 more top-end damage.  If it falls into my lap, sure, but I’m not sure about actively seeking it out.
  • Lotrafen, Spear of the Damned – Drops off of 25-man General Vezax.  Probably not going to see this weapon anytime soon.
  • Fordragon Blades – Drops off of 10-man Anub’Arak in Trial of the Crusader.  I believe this will be attainable by my guild, but we have to wait for Anub’Arak to be available for killing.  That means a month at least, probably longer.
  • Any 1850 Furious Gladiator Weapon – This MIGHT actually be one of my best bets, as I’ll be doing arena and hopefully gaining rating anyway.  A long uphill climb, but if I ever hit 1850 I will pick up one of these fine weapons.  This is also a huge 114 top-end damage increase oveor Marrowstrike.
  • Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion – 25-man Ulduar Hard Mode General Vezax.  Um, not likely.
  • Archon Glaive – 25-man Anub’Arak.  Probably not going to see this.

So there you have it.  The only true upgrades I see for myself are Betrayer of Humanity, Fordragon Blades & Furious Gladiator weapons.  Ugh.

Marrowstrike Explanation

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Reposted (with some revision) from my comment on Marrowstrike versus Edge of Ruin

I realize that my post declaring Marrowstrike superior to Edge of Ruin was a little crazy.  However, when you look at the big picture, along with an additional stat on Marrowstrike, things start to make sense.

The whole thing took me by surprise as well. I can tell you how I tweaked the spreadsheet which hasn’t updated for 3.2 yet to get the numbers.

I took my current gear, which I pulled from the Armory.

I plugged in Stormedge to get the 5% additional crit & crit damage from Poleaxe spec.

After that, I just edited the stats to fit Edge and Marrowstrike respectively.  My numbers for Marrowstrike were 4,195 dps and my numbers for Edge were 4,167 dps.

If you look at my SEP numbers, STR is worth 1, Agil is worth .7168, ArP is worth .9248, Crit Rating is worth .8674 and 2 AP is worth .8741 for me at my gear level.

If you add up the numbers for each weapon.

Edge of Ruin

  • STR = 121 (121 * 1)
  • ArP = 70 (76 * .9248 rounded)
  • Crit = 54 (62 * .8674 rounded)
  • Total = 245


  • AP = 67 (154/2 * .8741 rounded)
  • Agility = 76 (106 * .7168 rounded)
  • ArP = 55 (60 * .9248 rounded)
  • Crit = 49 (57 * .8674 rounded)
  • Total = 247

As you can see, Marrowstrike narrowly edges, Edge of Ruin.  Yes, STR is that good, but when you throw on another dps stat altogether (Agility) it makes things murkier.

As my crit goes up with gear, Edge could turn out to be a better choice due to Crit having being less useful the more you have.   I’ll just have to wait and see.  For now, however, I’m very glad I managed to snag either of these great weapons.

The fact of the matter is, you should take whichever drops first.  If you want to put forth the effort to get Marrowstrike after Edge drops, go for it.  It’s worth about 30 dps (at least for me).  If you want to put in the effort to go after Edge after Marrowstrike drops, go for it.  It’s good for Fury and may be better after my crit gets up a little higher as I gear.

Bottom line, either of these would be a great upgrade over Titansteel Destroyer, Heroics, Naxx10 and non-KT Naxx25 weapons.  For Arms, they are an upgrade over Ironsoul as well, just because Poleaxe spec owns Mace spec.  If you are hit capped, they rock Stormedge too.

So there you have it.  Once Landsoul gets his spreadsheet updated for 3.2, this will be a lot easier to figure out.  I had to go in and custom gear all my 3.2 gear, including the weapons.  Hopefully he’ll get that updated soon and take a lot of the work out of this process.

Marrowstrike Versus Edge of Ruin

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or…I passed on the better weapon

A couple posts ago I posted a comparison between Ironsoul, the 2-handed Mace out of Ulduar and Edge of Ruin, the 2-handed Axe out of Heroic Trial of the Champion.

Okay, so I missed a tiny little fact.  Marrowstrike drops from the same instance.  Marrowstrike is a Polearm with Agility, Stamina, Attack Power, Crit and Armor Penetration.

Let’s be specific, shall we?

Edge of Ruin (iLevel 219)  212.3 DPS, 3.5 Speed, 594 – 892 Damage

121 Strength, 97 Stamina, 76 Armor Penetration and 62 Critical Strike Rating.

Marrowstrike (iLevel 219) 212.3 DPS, 3.5 Speed, 594 – 892 Damage

106 Agility, 101 Stamina, 154 Attack Power, 60 Armor Penetration and 57 Critical Strike Rating.

Oh, Marrowstrike also has a yellow socket with a +4 Agility socket bonus.

Which is better?

According to Landsoul’s Warrior DPS Spreadsheet, which can be found at, Marrowstrike is better for both Arms and Fury!  (I’m a newb, you can’t DW polearms as Fury)

At least, at my level of gear, which is a mix of Naxx10 & Ulduar10.

For Arms, Marrowstrike offers a 23 point DPS increase and for Fury, Marrowstrike offers a 21 point DPS increase over Edge of Ruin.  In both of the simulations I used a +16 Strength gem in Marrowstrike.  Without the gem, Marrowstrike offers a 6 point DPS increasne for arms and a 3 point DPS loss for Fury.

This is in a buffed environment, with Kings.  It’s about the same with no buffs.

So what do we make of this?

First, I passed on a better weapon than Edge of Ruin, because I was blinded by Edge’s Strength.  In my defense, I was in a pug and specifically asked to be allowed to roll (I was tanking) on Edge at the beginning, but I didn’t mention Marrowstrike.  Why?  Because, quite honestly, I had forgotten about it.  I think I knew, somewhere in the abyss that is my brain that it existed, but I put it out of my head because it was a “Hunter weapon”.

Secondly, yes…this is a Hunter weapon.  If you steal it from a Hunter, they are going to be cranky.  Who is right?  You are.  (If you are a warrior, and you should be)  A melee weapon should always go to the melee class before the ranged class.  That doesn’t mean the Hunters aren’t going to cry foul.

Lastly, keep an open mind.  Strength does not always mean better, as is the case with Marrowstrike.

Oh, just a little warning.  Edge of Ruin, which I haven’t seen yet, drops off of the first boss.  Marrowstrike, which I have, drops off of the Priestess second boss.  Technically, you should have a 50% less chance of seeing Marrowstrike drop than Edge, since you could get the Paladin as the second boss instead of the Priestess.

What this all boils down to is this, if you are toting around the Titansteel Destroyer, grab whichever of these drops first.  If you want to continue gunning for the other, knock yourself out.

Ironsoul versus Edge of Ruin

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I’ve been seeing people getting to my little corner of the blogoverse (blogosphere is so cliche) by searching for information on how the new 5-man Heroic Instance Trial of the Champion”s 2-handed axe Edge of Ruin stacks up to Ironsoul, the 2-handed mace out of Ulduar.

The short version:  Edge or Ruin is WAY better for Arms, but slightly better for Fury.

However, for those who like stats and facts, I’ll throw those down as well.

Ironsoul (iLevel 219)

  • 3.50 Speed 2-Handed Mace
  • 594 – 892 Damage
  • 212.3 Damage per Second
  • 2204 Feral Attack Power (who cares?)
  • 105 Strength
  • 126 Stamina
  • Improves Critical Strike Rating by 69 (1.50% at Level 80)
  • Increases your armor penetration rating by 84 (6.82% at Level 80)

Edge of Ruin (iLevel 213) These may not match what is on wowhead.  According to commenters on wowhead, Edge’s stats are bugged and these are the correct stats.

  • 3.50 Speed 2-handed Axe
  • 594 – 892 Damage
  • 212.3 Damage per Second
  • 121 Strength
  • 97 Stamina
  • Improves Critical Strike Rating by 62
  • Increases Armor Penetration by 76

There you have the basic stats.  So how do the two compare?

The following numbers are in a buffed environment.

The top-end damage & dps are a wash…no winner.

Edge of Ruin gains 16 STR over Ironsoul, for a total of 32 Attack Power.

Ironsoul gains 7 Crit and 8 Arpen over Edge of Ruin.

You could have looked all that up yourself though.  You want to know which one is better!  I have to give the edge to…the Edge, by a large margin.

The reason is that Axe Spec is just better than Mace Spec.  With Axe Spec & Edge of Ruin, according to Landsoul’s spreadsheet over at EJ, I’ll do 127 more DPS.  That’s a lot.  Axe Spec is just plain nasty.

For the Fury warriors out there, the difference is much less noticable.  Edge of Ruin edges ironsoul by about 5 dps.

So there you have it.  Screw Flame Leviathan, go get the Edge!


My previous statements on the stats of Edge of Ruin were based on what I was seeing on the comments of wowhead.  As it turns out, these statements WERE correct, I just wanted to show proof. The short version for those that can’t click on blizzard forum links…Edge is 219 and has been fixed, the tooltip, however, may not be at this time.

Patch 3.2 Thus Far

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Well, so far, I don’t have a lot to say.  I logged in last night ready to be killed immediately.  You see, I had apparently logged out in Wintergrasp Fortress and I figured with my luck it would be Horde owned and operated.


To my surprise and delight, not only was it not Horde territory, but it was also in the middle of a battle.  I had completely forgotten about the queueing system, so I was a little surprised when a little window popped up and asked me if I wanted to join the battle.

Of course I clicked yes, as I still have a few Marks to go before I complete my pvp set, or at least that’s what I thought at the time.

As soon as I teleport out into the courtyard I see quests so I rush around to pick them up.  Southern Sabotage (sucks), Victory in Wintergrasp (yay!), No Mercy for the Merciless (yay!) and Stop the Siege (yay!).  The three latter quests are pretty easy and we were obviously going to win, so I was pretty happy.

A couple minutes later, I had hit my First Leutinant rank and we had won the battle.  No Mercy for the Merciless?  Complete!  Stop the Siege?  Complete!  Victory in Wintergrasp….well?…Incomplete!  What?!?!  I also saw some people in General chat saying they hadn’t gotten marks.  I checked and, sure enough, no marks.

Eh, chalk it up to Patch Day, but it’s still annoying.

After I turned in my quests I went to look at the vendor, thinking there might be something new on there.  Yep, new pants and something else that I can’t remember or find on wowhead.  These items are a little odd to me.  They have a higher item level, but lack crit in favor of hit.  I don’t really need anymore Hit on my pvp gear so I’ll probably be passing.


So I depart from Wintergrasp and head to Dalaran.  I want to see what, if any changes have been made to the Arena vendors.  There it is!  Deadly Gladiator set pieces have had their arena requirements reduced!  Good and bad, in my opinion.  I had nearly reached the point where I could buy them anyway, but now I can go ahead and get them and work toward the Furious stuff.

I would have been able to buy a new piece, but I’m not stupid.  I don’t buy things on Patch Day.

Things I’m looking forward to

I’m really itching to get into the new 5-man instance.  While I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of a 5-man giving better loot than a raid, I’m not going to ignore it either.  It turns out that the REGULAR 5-man has a VERY good tanking trinket, The Black Heart.

I will also be running the Heroic version for Edge of Ruin.  Finally, a farmable upgrade to the Crapsteel Destroyer.  I’ll still be looking to get my hands on Ironsoul or Stormedge, but this will definitely be a nice appetizer.

I’m also looking forward to the free respec on my DK.  Right now he’s running Unholy PVE DPS & Unholy PVP.  I’d like to mix it up a bit.  Maybe go Frost DW DPS and Unholy PVP.  Lots of decisions to make.

So there you have it, folks.  My, very incomplete, thoughts on the new patch.  Hopefully I’ll be able to dive in a little more thoroughly tonight and tomorrow and come back on Friday with a more in-depth commentary.