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Best Mage Guide Evar

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , on October 5, 2010 by Randul the Dwarf

I’ve been playing my Mage Iciclez, a lot lately.  Yes, I named my Mage Iciclez.  Yes, she is a Frost Mage.  Yes, she is a female Gnome Frost Mage with cute little pink pigtails.    I did all of these things for a few reasons, but mostly because I think it’s funny.  Personally, I think it’s funnier to own someone in pvp with a little gnome girl with pigtails than it is with…well anything else really.

Anyway, I’ve been playing her a lot.  She’s currently level 16 and owning pretty hard in Warsong Gulch.  If you clicked on the Armory link you can see she has heirloom chest, shoulders, staff & one of the spell power trinkets.  (Still working on the other trinket)  So far, she’s a ton of fun and I’m in no hurry to level her.  I’m enjoying the low-level bgs brackets, and may even try to twink her a little bit.

I said all that to say this.  Playing a Mage again reminded me of a Mage guide I read a LONG time ago, when my Mage’s name was Kered and he was a he and he was a Human.

With quotes like, “They act like teenagers with their first chance to score, by blowing their mana all over the room in one big clumsy act of inept exuberance.” and “The sheep can’t attack but he can wander AND when wandering, his friends may very well notice him and say “hey…doesn’t that sheep look a lot like Uk’thor Crusher of Moons?”. Once they recognize Uk’thor or whatever his name is, they will remember what they learned in Monster 101 which is “Mages like to turn your buddies in to sheep” that or they just get curious when mutton wanders near them.”, how could anyone argue that this guide doesn’t rock?

It’s severely out of date, and will be even moreso after Patch 4.0.1 drops, but if you are extremely new to Mages or just looking for some Mage-related info with some humor and good writing thrown in, check it out.