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Mount Changes

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , on June 11, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Zarhym, a blue poster on the Official Forums recently made a post about upcoming mount changes.

What it says:

In the next major content patch, we intend to adjust mount requirements to further improve the leveling experience in World of Warcraft. In addition, cast times for summoning all mounts will be reduced to 1.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds. The following is a breakdown of the upcoming cost and level requirement changes we are making for each riding skill.

  • Apprentice Riding (Skill 75)
    • 60% land mount speed
    • Requires level 20
    • Cost: 4 gold
    • Mount cost: 1 gold
    • Mail will be sent to players at level 20 guiding them to the riding trainer
  • Journeyman Riding (Skill 150)
    • 100% land mount speed
    • Requires level 40
    • Cost: 50 gold
    • Mount cost: 10 gold
    • Mail will be sent to players at level 40 guiding them back to the riding trainer
  • Expert Riding (Skill 225)
    • 150% flying mount speed; 60% land mount speed
    • Requires level 60
    • Cost: 600 gold (faction discounts now apply)
    • Mount Cost: 50 gold
    • Can now be learned in Honor Hold (Alliance) or Thrallmar (Horde)
  • Artisan Riding (Skill 300)
    • 280% flying mount speed; 100% land mount speed
    • Requires level 70
    • Cost: 5,000 gold (faction discounts now apply)
  • Mount Cost: 100 gold
  • What do I think about this?  I’m not sure.  It’s not like it was THAT hard to get to 30 to get your mount.  I’ve kind of thought they should lower the epic mounts to 55 to match the DKs, but I never imagined they would lower it to 40.

    This is certainly going to make leveling my shaman a little easier, not to mention give me a lot more incentive to go from 33 – 40 on him.

    I definitely agree with giving flying mounts at 60, especially with the other changes they are making.  I love the speed increase on the non-epic flyers.  I never understood why they were slower than an epic ground mount.

    Overall, I think this will be a good thing.  It will help people who want to level alts and it will help new players who want to get to end game to be with their friends. The days of slogging through slow content were already over, now they have been officially buried.


    What are your goals?

    Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , on June 3, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

    Smart001 over at That is Amazing (WoW)! has a sidebar on his blog with his character’s “to-do” list.  Seeing his list got me thinking about what my goals are, for Randul and myself as a player.

    Randul’s Goals

    • Get the Argent Hippogryph.  This is just a great goal.  I’m only about 8 days from having this, but I’ll probably go for a couple of pets as well.  The reason this is a great goal is that it actually supports some of my other goals, such as…
    • Get the Albino Drake – I have a long way to go on this one, and the cost of buying all the mounts to get him interferes with some of my other goals.  Such as…
    • Get a Mekgineer’s Chopper.  The 12.5k gold cost of the things you simply have to buy from a vendor is outrageous.  I don’t see this happening soon, but it’s just embarrassing watching my wife jump into Fandark’s Chopper whenever she gets the chance.
    • Get a full epic pvp set.  I was big into pvp before Wrath came out.  I had every intention of leveling fast so I could get into level 80 pvp on the ground floor.  Turns out, things don’t always go as planned.  I do have one piece of epic 80 pvp gear though!  /proud  A guildmate mentioned doing some pvp and arena last night though, so this one could work itself out.
    • Get exalted with Sha’tari Skyguard.  This will allow me to spend MORE money to get a Nether Ray and a Nether Ray Fry.  Although I’ll be spending money, getting these will help with my other achievements, so I guess it works itself out.
    • Get the Champion of the Frozen Waste achievement.  I only need Heroic Culling of Stratholme (already did it once) and Malygos to complete this one.  It’s a matter of taking the time more than the ability to finish this.
    • and now the big one…Clear Ulduar.  I’m not being too greedy, I just want to clear 10-man Ulduar.  I think my guild has a great shot at this, and I really hope to clear it before the next major raid comes out.  I think we will.

    Now for a few player goals

    • Level Calduin, my Hunter to 80.  I don’t foresee me doing any real DPS on him, especially in raids, but the sooner I get him to 80 the sooner the wife will have her Hunter at 80, which is a good thing.  She needs some variety.
    • Level a class that can heal to 80.  I’m not picky.  I’ll take ANY class that can heal.  It’s the only thing I don’t have at high level.  Right now it looks like the winner will be my level 33 Shaman, since the next highest level heal-capable character is a Paladin who is level 20.  He’s also on Undermine, so I’d have to pay 25 bucks to transfer him.  Another detterent.

    There you have it.  My WoW-related goals.  Some goals you might be thinking I’d have that are similar to these, I’ve already accomplished.  I have my Netherdrake and am exalted with all of the Alliance factions.  I’ve cleared Naxxramas as well.  Those would have been on that list otherwise.

    What are your goals, as a character and a player?